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Professional Modeling PortfolioEvery successful model will tell you that what you will need a great, professional modeling portfolio. It gives agents, casting directors and their clients an idea of your modeling capacity and whether or not you would be the right person to represent their brand. We have put together a few tips to help you put together a flattering, professional portfolio that will demonstrate your exceptional features and unique styles.

The First Step is to hire a Professional Photographer

If you want to be taken seriously and considered for the most competitive modeling jobs you must hire a professional photographer. While Portrait Studios take flattering photos of you during your milestone years they are not considered an industry standard, as they do not showcase your modeling techniques and exceptional look. At a Portrait Studio the lighting is often poor, the background is very limited and the photographer is not trained in Fashion Photography. You will want to hire a photographer who knows what it’s like to work on fashion modeling jobs and knows how to capture a fashion model. In the modeling industry you are judged on your photos as it give the client an idea of what an ad campaign might look like.


The Second Step is to Arrange Makeover

Hire a hair and makeup artist. They can work with you to achieve the best look for your photo shoot. Sometimes the photographer may have references but if the photographer you use does not, do a little research. Some of the best places to find great hair and makeup artists is by going to a salon.


The Third Step is to choose the Best Shots

After you have had the photo shoot the photographer will give you the proofs. You will want to choose a variety, to include full body, profile, head and mid-body shots. Make sure to diversify the backgrounds and the outfits to avoid the impression that you shot in one location with a limited wardrobe.


Hot Tip

Quality is not quantity. Three or four well-composed, exceptional photographs are better than having 40 photos that aren’t consistently good.


The Fourth Step is to provide a variety of styles

On the day of your shoot model different styles and looks to convey your versatility; model swimsuits, business attire, athletic clothes, products and most importantly moods.


Hot Tip

When shooting your headshot avoid overdoing accessories or makeup, stay away from overpowering colors as it will divert attention from you.


The Fifth Step is to organize your photographs

After you’ve chosen the photos that you want to use you will organize them by placing the best shots at the beginning and at the end. This way the agent or casting director will have a first great impression as well as a lasting impression of you. Make sure that your photos are protected by using a protective sleeve. This will keep your photos from fading or aging as they are handled.


The Sixth Step is to Purchase a Portfolio

For aspiring models a simple black portfolio book will be a perfect fit however if you prefer to be stylish you can purchase one with handles that can be zipped and carried like a thin case. Be sure to use 9-by-12 inch or 11-by-14 inch pictures, which are standard sizes for the industry.


Hot Tip

Always update your photos as you age or as the fashion trend changes. Eliminate photos as you complete new modeling jobs or photo shoots. You never want to present the same photos simply because you may meet an agent or casting director more than once and you never want to leave the impression that you are not able to book a job.


The Seventh Step is to include your resume

Always attach a resume with your headshot (use paper clips, do not staple them together). Document the work you have done – commercial acting or modeling; include your height, sizes, eye and hair color; List any hobbies or unique talents.


Hot Tip

Listing your hobbies and unique talents is important because some clients look for models that can do specific things for their photo shoots or commercial modeling jobs. They may want a model who can ride a horse or a model with the exceptional ability to lip-sync.

Fun Fact:

The first African American model to be on the cover of American Vogue was Beverly Johnson in 1974.

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