Reality Food Competition Game Show Casting Now!



Does the aroma coming from kitchen tantalize your senses?

Do you visit restaurants and think you could have been the part of the team to prepare exquisite delicacies?

Do you also feel hesitant to join cooking competitions because you think you aren’t a professional?

But what if you get a chance to prove your skills and compete without having to worry about the absence of a lifelong experience or professional training as a chef?

A New Amateur Cooking Show

Doron Ofir Casting is on a hunt for talent which could take part in the food competition for amateurs.

You don’t need to possess training or experience. It just has to be your skills and love for food preparation and your enthusiasm.

The bold flavors amalgamated with the high spirit personalities of the amateurs chefs could result in some of the most amazing cuisines and of course, a fiery competition.

Unleash your love for all the delicacies you’ve prepared as a comfort food for yourself, or try out a novel idea based completely on your instincts. The platform is provided so the amateur cooks can get a chance to show the world what they’re capable of and also the home cooks who think they need to come up with something highly fancy to take part in any of the cooking shows such as Iron chef or Chopped.

This show invites enthusiastic chefs to compete with one another and be a part of an outrageous food show which is adorned by a celebrity twist. What a wonderful opportunity could it be to meet your favorite stars while you put up your best delicacies?

The casting directors are looking for participants in teams of two. So find your food pair and register yourself for a journey. If you and any of your family members, friends, or a partner share the zeal for it, come along to the open doors to embark on a whole new journey together.

Bring your talent to the table and impress the celebrity guests to win hearts through the tummies!

Good news, even if your points are low- your outstanding personality might win it over and compensate for it. So would it be your team which would taste the delight of victory?

For the Applicants

There is something very different about this food competition; it is a thoroughly enjoyable one for the audience, the judges, and the participants alike!

You need to have some important qualities to be eligible for participation in the show and keep the considerations in mind when applying.

  • A partner to participate with you
  • You need to be bursting with energy and enthusiasm plus dedication for winning the competition
  • You must be hot, funny, full of fun, and amazingly talented
  • Your age must start be from 25 years of age to 35 years
  • You need to possess some basic skills in the kitchen
  • You need to have mastered at least one potluck recipe, we all need our secret weapons after all!
  • In order to apply, click on
  • You can also visit our facebook page on
  • You need to submit your information with contact number and details on
  • The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 01st May 2016
  • The participation would be paid.

Pick up the form and submit the email so you could be the next big food star. This might just be the doorway to your dreams!

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