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Reality TV
Reality TV

In this world of average people wanting to be celebrities and celebrities wanting to portray themselves as average, a new type of entertainment emerged… Reality Television. It is a different type of programming which is said to be “unscripted” and dramatic, along with various types of humorous situations. Cameras document actual events of ordinary people or celebrities and overdramatize everyday situations. The genre has been around since the early 90s with shows of regular strangers living together, to other game shows and variety television.

It is known that sure portrayal of events may be scripted, and others try to create an illusion of reality depending on which direction production wants to take the project. Reality Television has revived some celebrities and their popularity, as well as made regular people into celebrities themselves. Whether it is just the 15 minutes of fame people are after, or audienceswanting to be inside the homes of their favorite A-List celebs, reality television is truly the new form of entertainment. Television networks and Cable Networks have assured us that reality television is here to stay.

Casting directors are casting for big personalities and attractive people that are willing to share the screen with other good looking people. Whether you are an actor or model they want you. People who are not afraid of the camera, nor how audiences will view you social circle should definitely come out to this casting call. Production is looking to book interesting everyday people in Detroit, New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. If you live near any of those metropolitans make sure to submit your information out to the casting director. Please submit your headshot and resume and bring your best big personality and land not just 15 minutes of fame, but an entire show based off of your life.

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  1. Reality Tv would be a good start on what im tryin to do. This would help my career out a lot in the modeling and actin industry. im very outgoin i have a huge personality, very funny at times, i am made for tv, im 6,1′ 185 long hair, and light eyes they change color from time to time

  2. Reality would be a fresh start for me. Im spontaneous, with a huge personality. Ive done 6 plays currently shooting for a short film. I’m currently writing a novel and sketching designs for my own fashion line. This would be a great opportunity for me to meet new faces and network
    5, 2′ petite built, Brown eyes, Bust 36c, Dress size small, Pants 7/8

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