RoboCop – Movie Castings and Auditions


RoboCop is back!!!! The classic 1987 sci-fi action movie is set to return to the big screen in late 2013.  Jose Padilha is directing the movie along with Joel Kinnaman as the hero cop as we all know by the name Alex Murphy who is brought back from near death by being turned into a cyborg police officer. It has also been confirmed that Samuel L. Jackson is playing a media mogul.  Gary Oldman (Dark Night Rises) will play the part of scientist who creates RoboCop.  The shooting locations are unknown but the directors will be looking for extras, day roles and stand ins for the movie.

In the year 2029 a company by the name OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their robots are winning wars around the world and they want to incorporate the technology at home. After Alex Murphy gets critically injured in the line of duty fighting crime in corruption in Detroit, OmniCorp sees a perfect opportunity to bring Alex back to life. Alex returns to the streets with new abilities as a crime fighting robot named RoboCop. He must defend his once beloved city from gangs and crime while he deals with personal issues that have been caused by the transformation from human to cyborg. This is an amazing opportunity to work alongside some of the best actors in Hollywood and be apart of a classic remake. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to production.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Robocop ever since I was a kid and am great at acting and doing voices and would bring a lot of energy to the show in whatever role I play. I’m versatile and can play hero, villian , comic relief, or supporting cast. Just give me the chance to show what I can do onscreen. You won’t be sorry! please check out my profile on Onesource Talent. My talent ID is 109571. Look forward to working with you soon.

  2. I would love to work with the cast and crew and would be honored to be part of the series show I will do my best and show you that you did not make a mistake picking me, .thank you for your time….

  3. CC: I’m been involved in acting since 1997. Since then I have worked in films and commercials. Speaking roles as well. I do have stunt experience as well.

  4. Been a fan of RoboCop since I first saw it back in 1987. Had a dream that one day Ill be RoboCop and the dream came true..well in a way 🙂 I own a authentic RoblCop suit that I have worn for many charity events. I went all the way to meeting Peter Weller and being his stand in while in the Roblsuit to meeting the.cast and crew in the suit. Id like to take it to the next level by being part of the new film. Any help to get there let me know pls.


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