Saving Mr.Banks Auditions for Walt Disney

Saving Mr. Banks
Saving Mr. Banks- Walt Disney Production

Auditions for the new Walt Disney pictures Saving Mr.Banks are now underway. Walt Disney Pictures will be shooting September 2012 in Los Angeles, Marybourough  and Queensland Austarlia. They are casting for a starting and supporting roles in the movie.  One very coveted role will be the child actor who plays Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers at 7 years old. Extras and photo doubles for Saving Mr. Banks are being  casted in Los Angeles and Australia.

“Saving Mr.Banks” tells the story of Australian-born novelist, actress and journalist P.L. Travers, who wrote the novel Mary Poppins in 1934. The film will alternate between Travers’ Australian childhood in 1907, and 1961 when she negotiated with Walt Disney for making the film version of Mary Poppins.  Emma Thompson the two-time academy winner will play the P.L Travers, Tom Hanks will star as Walt Disney and Colin Farrell will play the Travers’ alcoholic father. John Lee Hancock will direct Saving Mr. Banks. More information about casitng can be found by applying here.

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  1. Hello my name is Dylan I’m 10 years old. Im new to modeling/acting and just want to be given a chance. If there isn’t a role for my I’m ok on being an extra so I can be given the experience. I have blond hair and blue eyes.

  2. Hi, my name is Isobel i am 5’3 i have light brown hair and blue eyes and i would love to be a part of this movie, even if its only as an extra!

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