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MTV and Dimension Films’ have teamed up to reinvent the popular 90’s horror film Scream into a one-hour TV pilot. MTV tried its hand at movie-to-TV adaptation in 2011 with a Teen Wolf  TV show that turned into a instant hit, the producers at MTV are hoping to do the same with Scream. Dimension films will be the production company behind the popular 1996 original and its three sequels featuring the “Ghostface” killer. Dimension is in talks to get Wes Craven to direct the reboot, which is scheduled to debut in summer 2014 and this is your chance to audition for several roles in the pilot series for MTV. If you are a fan of the movie or an actor trying to break into the acting industry than this is your chance to apply. Do not miss out your Scream audition apply now!A teenage girl and her boyfriend are brutally slaughtered by a mysterious killer in a Halloween costume. Another girl, Sydney, is nearly killed, and a reporter, Gail Weathers, suspects that it was the one responsible for the rape and murder of Sydney’s mother a year earlier. Sydney’s boyfriend, Billy becomes the prime suspect. When he is released, Sydney and all of her friends go to a party, at their friend Randy’s house, where they drink and watch scary movies. They are guarded from the killer by Gail, and a police officer named Dewey. All of the teens who aren’t drunk go off to see the body of their principal, who was killed by the same murderer, leaving only 5 people at the party. After a sexual encounter with Billy, Billy is stabbed by the killer.

Sydney finds Dewey with a knife in his back, and Gail gets lost in the forest. Billy turns up alive, but Sydney realises that there are two murderers. Her best friend’s boyfriend, Stuart, and Billy are the killers. Billy shoots Randy Billy kills Stuart, and Gail comes in with a gun, and kills Billy. Randy turns up alive. Dewey turns out to be alive, and the only teens alive are Sydney and Randy.

Applications for male and female actors of all ages are now being accepted for several feature and extra roles in Scream. We have learned that MTV will be holding auditions in the near future and this is your chance to apply. If you are interested in auditioning for the MTV pilot series  please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on casting and relsease dates and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about MTV and yet another movie being turned into a television series.

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  1. I should be considered because of the simple fact you guys would love me. & been watching the film since I was a little kid so I know the theme and moral of the story like the back of my hand

  2. I would absolutely love to just even be considered an extra on such a huge tv channel. you guys BLEW people’s mind away making one of the hit films scream a series for one, but mtv coming together to even show them on that channel is a sight to see also.

  3. how absurd, exsuce my bluntness, but how absurd. Sorry, the bluntness was mine when I wrote before, but one has to ask himself WHAT is “teaching” (technicalities about a db, no?) and what’s the final goal. The helping That’s not the point, I would ask myself if I’m teaching something that is good and useful (for the one I’m teaching to and for all of us). it is *not* all techisms. I’d say that a great part of the job (at least for us mere mortals of Oracle, perhaps not for You) it’s all about techisms, that’s what we’re paid for. Or, if You prefer, call it engineering. The point here is asking oneself what’s the final purpose of that, what are the consequencies… only then you can LOVE (consciously, as a whole, totally aware) your job otherwise it’s all about a funny game.And “loving” (even a job) is not a funny game: it’s a game.That’s my point of view: and maybe I’m totally wrong, obviously.Cheers

  4. Hi, my name is Austin Daniels. I am 14 turning 15 soon, as I may be younger, I have a older looking face. I live in Eugene Oregon. I have been in lots of different independent films and I have lots of different experiences in theater. Mostly movies though. I know it is unlikely I will get an audition out of the many people doing the exact same thing I am and saying the same things, but scream is my favorite horror movie and I think it would be so cool to be a part of this or at least audition. Please! If anyone is interested give me an email or something thank you! I am willing to do anything.

  5. I always had a love for scary movies. Scream was the first horror movie i saw when i was little. Since then (2003) i always dreamed of becoming an actress! I hope i het to be part of the production of Scream series. No matter if its being an extra or having a cameo:)

  6. I am a teenager that is looking to go to college in theater. I would love to have the opportunity to be in a show on such a big channel for us teenagers, whether it is a feature role or just an extra. This would be an extreme benefit to my career and fulfilling my dreams.

  7. I am a cinephile i plan on going to school for film and i’m kinda like a real life randy i’d love the opportunity to be on the show even if as an extra

  8. I’m a Musical Theatre major at Oakland University! I live right outside of Detroit Michigan. Being an extra would be great experience for my career since i’m going to school to be in the entertainment industry! It would also be a fun learning opportunity!

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