Short Film Casting Lead and Supporting Roles in NYC


A Student Film is Casting Talented Actors and Models for Various Roles 


This is a student thesis film based on the story of a woman named Valentine.  Her husband has been imprisoned for two years, and she longs for the day when he can finally come home.  Throughout the film, she experiences loneliness, lack of love, eagerness, anxiety, and boredom as her and her husband exchange letters.

While her husband is in jail, she starts getting involved in a new relationship with another man.  It is strictly an emotional relationship, based on her desire for affection and comfort, but it will surely cause problems as her husband gets set to leave jail and come home to her.


Valentine (Lead) – She is the protagonist of the story.  She is very lonely because her husband is in jail.  She writes him letters while pursuing another relationship with a different man.  Two years is a very long time, and she realizes this and misses having someone by her side.  She is a beautiful, smart, and troubled woman looking for answers in a difficult situation.

The Husband – Imprisoned for two years, he is also coping with being alone.  He is just a supporting character, but he appears in Valentine’s dreams three different times in this film.  He was Valentine’s rock, but now that he is in jail, everything is changing.  He is a good-looking and powerful man.

The Other Man – The man who seduces Valentine.  He knows that she is struggling with the absence of her husband so he swoops in and tries to take advantage of her loneliness.  He is a good guy, but he really wants to exclusively be Valentine’s.


This is a great opportunity to star in a film that will be seen by many people.  With a student film, many professionals are required to watch it.  These professionals have experience in the industry, and they might notice you and offer you another gig.  If not, it is a good resume builder and great experience to help you jump start your career in a tough industry.  The more credits you have under your name the better, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to star in a creative film by a dedicated team of young filmmakers!

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