Snow White and the Huntsman 2 Castings and Auditions

Snow White and the Huntsman 2
Snow White and the Huntsman 2

With the news that Kristen Stewart being dropped from Snow White and the Huntsman 2 Universal is looking to move on from the drama and forward with the production of the sequel. There has been rumors that Charlize Theron will be replacing her in the new movie. Universal also has said that it plans to Replace big name screen Writer David Koepp but its still yet to be seen if Rupert Sanders will be the director after the cheating scandal broke out. Its been rumored that he wants to be back but it’s up to Universal and their executives to make the final decision. The casting directors are now looking for extras and day roles to be cast for the new Snow White and the Huntsman and this is your opportunity to be a part of a huge movie that has gained even more publicity after the scandal. They are looking to cast males and females ages 16 to 30.

Chris Hemsworth is set to be back for the second installment of the movie. The plan was to make two Snow White-centric films and then focus on the Huntsman for a third (a similar blueprint worked pretty well for the “X-Men” ). The plot of the movie has not been yet released since Universal Studios is planning to keep it all a secrete until the screen writer and producer situation gets straightened out.

The casting directors are on a search for talent to play extras and day roles in the new Snow White and the Huntsman.If you would like to be a part of the movie please submitt your application along with a headshot and resume and as soon as the casting start we will let you know.

Please keep checking back for more information on dates and times and leave us a comment.

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  1. Hi I’m Alexandra!
    I am 14 years old.
    I am Caucasian
    Brown/Black hair and brown eyes
    I am very petite
    I have been acting for 5 years.
    I am presently in the play Aida
    I have been dancing for 8 years
    I have been in cheer for 2 years
    As you can see I have a lot of experience with performing and acting. I can play any sort of role I am given from an extra to a lead. I was in the plays Grease, Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, School House Rock, Footloose, and I am know in Aida.

    Thank you for reading this!

  2. Hi my name is alyssa keedy and I want to audition for snow white and the huntsman 2 I have blue eyes medium length hair I am white and I would really appreciate it if you would contact me with the information thanks

  3. hi my name is abbey it would be so great if you could make my dream come true to work with Chris hemsworth and to make it as an actor would be like changing

  4. my names abbey spinola i would love to be an extra i’ve always loved acting and have always wanted to be an actress please make my dream come true

    age:12(turning 13 march 31st)

  5. Hi, my name is Elaine and I would love to be an extra on Snow White and the Huntsman 2 or have a small part. I like acting, I have also been to a couple of acting classes.

    Hair: Dirty blonde
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5’3 1/2
    Age: 13 (turning 14 October 3, 2013)
    Weight: 117

  6. Hello, I have been looking into this since last year and I would love to be an extra or have a small part. I took Theater for two years and Im entering my third, I can do my own stunts, I have written plays, I do Impressions and voices. 😀

    Hair- Brownish gold
    Eyes- Blueish gray
    Height- 5’3 1/2
    Age- 14 ( Can make myself look 16)
    Weight 115 lbs

  7. Hi I’m Aspen and the reason why I think I should star in this movie is because I love it. I love acting too. I’m very athletic and I am up for the challenge. I get along with others and really feel that acting is my life. If it helps I am home schooled because we live in resorts. I am actually living on Disney property so we are very flexible and can travel if needed. Please consider me. You won’t regret it.

    Hair color- blonde
    Eye color- Green
    Age- 14 (but I am mistaken as 17)
    Height- 5’9
    Weight- 142

  8. Ever since the age of 9 I’ve wanted to act. I’ve got no support from my family and a little bit from my friends. Being a part of this movie would be amazing and a wonderful experience and I can prove to my family that I can do this. I’m 5,5 and a young teen but I can get away as looking 16 at most. I haven’t had much experience with acting but I have had done a few plays before and I can learn lines easily.

    • Hi I’m Aspen and the reason why I think I should star in this movie is because I love it. I love acting too. I’m very athletic and I am up for the challenge. I get along with others and really feel that acting is my life. If it helps I am home schooled because we live in resorts. I am actually living on Disney property so we are very flexible and can travel if needed. Please consider me. You won’t regret it.

      Hair color- blonde
      Eye color- Green
      Age- 14 (but I am mistaken as 17)
      Height- 5’9
      Weight- 142

  9. Hello
    I am Elizabeth Hornsby. I am 16 years of age. i live in the Uk, I am a very motivated person, and i would not let you down, so please give me a chance I’m 174 cm I have long wavy, brunette hair. i have a dream like any other person, my dream is to become an actress. one day i hope to be in films. if i get a part in this, then this will just be the beginning for me
    you don’t understand how much this means to me.


  10. Hello, my name is Victoria. I’m still 13 but turning 14 this year. I dreamed to be an actress, but there are very few opportunities here in my place. I really love acting. I don’t have many acting experiences, but I joined my school choir since I was 8 and I take ballet classes. I know that in Snow White And the Huntsman, they don’t need a 14 year old girl, but I really want to have an acting experience, so I hope I could be the extra or be in the next Snow White movie. I would appreciate it a lot if you would give me this opportunity. Thank you

    Age: 13 turning 14 on August
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 119 pounds
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: black (brown under a light) and a little bit wavy
    Ethnicity: Asian but I’ve got a big eyes.

    Please, I hope you would notice my comment and I hope you would email me more about this project.
    Thank you for your time.

  11. Resume:
    Eyecolor: Brown
    Haircolor: Brown recently colored it black
    Height: 4’9′
    Weight: 84 lbs
    Hoobies: Reading, Writting, Volleyball, and Basketball
    Experience: I have no experience but i’m willing to try.
    Age: 18
    Something about me:
    Hi my name is Cathy Lee Cavazosyou can call me cat for short. I want to be part of this magical movie i grew up watching disney classic movies well my niece and i she a very big fan of disney princess as well as I. When i first watched Snow white and the Huntsman I loved it because it was so different then the original one it was more darker but awsome. To be honest i’m 18 jobless still trying to figure my life out and i really want to try acting or being an extra all my life i grew up watching movies and trust me their addicting and i wonder to myself i want to try acting because you get to work with talented people and learn from them. All i want is to make my parents proud that i can do anything . I been shy all my life and i want to step out and discover myself. I have no experience at all but i’m willing to try my best and i really want a difference in my life have adventures try new things and figure what i want to do reality is a struggle. I hope i get a chance to be part of this movie.
    You can contact me in my e-mail

  12. Charlotte Turtle
    D:O:B: 24/10/1995

    I have studied drama for 3 years, I have been a part of primary and secondary school performances both Drama and Dance. I have been in theatre productions. I went on to study Drama for GCSE until I had to drop it due to many students in the class. I have had dance training since I was 8 and took it as a GCSE.
    Bishopshalt School: Arts College
    Currently at Coleg Sir Gar:
    Employment History
    2008/9/10 – Annual Dance Show Dancer The Beck theatre/ The Compass Theatre
    2006 – School production Judge:2 Colham Manor
    2010- School production The Beck theatre
    2011- Our House Chorus Bishops halt School
    2007/2008 Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging (extra)
    2011 – School Drama and Dance Award.
    Horse riding
    Available upon request

  13. Hi there my name is Tanya; I am an aspiring actress, and already established model from the UK.
    I am interested in supporting roles (speaking/non-speaking) or extras work and wish to apply for a part in your production.
    My current high-stress, fast-paced environment has conditioned me to not only prepare at a high level, but also to be prepared for the unexpected. I would be a great choice as I am extremely hard working and very motivated. If I haven’t played a certain role before, I will do all my research and give 150% until it is perfected. I love learning new skills and have a passion for anything that gets adrenaline pumping!
    I’m a confident, outgoing and quirky individual with a great sense of humor…. I’m a natural blonde with a brain!!!
    Please let me know if you require my resume and pictures. Or alternatively, I would be most grateful if you could inform me who I will need to contact for Audition details etc.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and consideration.

  14. Hi there I’m Tanya, an up and coming actress located in the UK (but willing to travel anywhere). I am quite a perfectionist, but not so that it makes me arrogant. My ambition is to do well in Acting as I have in my Modelling. I’m a confident, outgoing and quirky individual with a great sense of humour….and love having my picture taken! I’m a natural blonde with a brain. “YOU DON’T CAST TANYA, YOU DISCOVER HER”!!!
    I am a dress size 12, shoe size 6,long blonde hair blue eyes and 5’9″ in height. I am currently doing my car racing license and have already participated in British Rally Cross. As you can gather, I am very passionate about Cars and Motor Sport. In January I am going to try and learn the art of Street/Break Dance as it is something I have always wanted to do. And to finish….I have an extrodinary passion for acting, and have the ability to diversify into all sorts of characters, my best being a very extrovert adrenelin junkie much like my true self.
    Short Resume:

    Model for Modena Fashion.

    Finanlist in UK Model of the Year 2010 (Miss North Yorkshire)…. Southport 20/06/2010.

    I was a finalist of Miss Motors UK,and Miss American Dream at The Collection Club in South Kensington, London, UK..

    Recently a contestant in Miss Met Parties, Miss Monaco and Cannes and the Face of Dubai Supercars in London.

    I have just been informed that I am through to the final rounds of Face of the Hair Group Uk, and Miss British Isles.

    Featured in ‘The Amateurs’ music video for song The Rebel. (James Bond inspired video). As can be seen on U Tube.

    Have been on UK TV Gameshow: Pointless.

    Due to be a contestant on UK Gameshow: Catchphrase.

    Got to the final Auditions for the role of ‘Serena’ the mermaid in the lastest Pirates of the Carribbean movie.

    My biggest regret: unfortunately missing out on auditions for the latest James Bond film due to an ankle injury at the time of casting.

    Greatest Acting achievement: I have just been informed that I have been given one of the lead roles in upcoming film “Escape Island” with Apple Productions. Due to be filmed in India for six weeks in 2013.

    Phone (UK 07763910842)

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