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Seeking die-hard sports fans who love talking on camera, have an iPhone, and who would like to offer a fun, authentic, and fresh take on all things sports.  Top contributors will be featured in our video specials and get access to other opportunities.

Have you always dreamed of being a sports talk show personality or sports reporter?
Join us to talk about the new MLB season, NFL, NBA and NHL finals, or any other topics in sports.

Directors are seeking a talk show personality to join our team and help contribute to our expanding site.  Now is prime time to talk with us with the start of the NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, MLB season and NFL off season.  There is no better time to join the conversation.

“Top contributors who become popular sports personalities on the platform will have revenue and sponsorship opportunities down the road, as well as opportunities to receive free game tickets and free travel to cover games.”


Looking for a lively personality that is educated in all the major sports.  The topics vary from show to show, but for the most part we stick to sports talk.  Knowledge and personality is key in this industry, so if you feel that you are well versed on the topic and are friendly and energetic, give this a shot.

Male or Female

Age: Doesn’t really matter but prefer 20-30 years old

Ethnicity: Any, this does not matter

A “radio voice” would be nice but it is not necessarily required.  As long as you are able to enunciate and speak with energy you will fit the bill.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of something special and relevant in our society.  People love to talk and argue about sports, and so we will fuel that fire and spark great conversations.  You will be able to put this on your resume so that you can land even more gigs in the future!  Apply as soon as possible.



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