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Star wars
Star Wars Episode 7

After Disney finalized a deal to buy Lucasfilm they announced that they will be filming Star Wars: Episode 7 with plans  for the movie to hit the big screen in 2015. A  seventh film in the “Star Wars” series has long been rumored, and soon, it’ll be a reality, under Disney’s supervision, and to top it all off Disney made the announcement that at least two films will follow episode 7.  After the success that Disney has with purchasing Marvel we are sure that this is going to turn out well for them.  Casting for Star Wars Episode 7 has not yet begun but the casting directors are now taking applications for numerous roles in the film. This is a great opportunity to be a part of history with the new ownership and it also is a great opportunity for fans of Star Wars to have a role in the film.

Based on early statements from Lucasfilm, this set of  Episode 7 would have taken place from approximately 40 years after the events depicted in Return of the Jedi.  The sequel trilogy was to feature Luke Skywalker as a Jedi Master in his sixties, passing on the torch to the next generation of Jedi, the dismantlement of the last remnants of the Galactic Empire and the rebuilding of the Galactic Republic.

The casting directors are now taking applications for several roles in the new film. They are looking for male and female union and non union actors. If you are interested please submit your information along with a photo and resume. Keep checking back for more information on casting dates and times for the new trilogy. And as always please leave us a comment on what you think about Disneys new purchase.

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  1. I am 5′ 10′ 165 lbs, have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, medium pigmentation, and workout at least 4 times a week (not that Cross Fit crap). My cholesterol level is about 220 but that is because I eat about 5 raw eggs every day.. my doctor said to change my diet.. but phuket… More Proteeeeeeiiin!!!


    I am hoping to audition as bartender, but since i’m not board certified I can accept being cast as a barback who might have a drink or two while on the job . Also, I don’t mind being cast as a storm trooper as long as we are supplied with the greatest arsenal available that being a phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range. If all else fails I can accept being cast as a “man that got on a train”.

  2. Russian actress.Play in theatre.Good English pronunciation.Can play different kind of characters.
    Age, 17
    Weight, 138
    Height, 5,3(i work on it)
    Eyes, Green
    Hair, Brown, Long
    Race, Russian
    Would love to audition. Thanks!

  3. I am a martial artist and I perform the double sword. I am in my late teens. Where can we send in a resume and video?

  4. Ello! I have been a local independent film actor in my city for several years now. Before that I acted on stage, playing roles like Oliver-As you like it and Tybalt- Romeo and Juliet as well as Knicky in Grease and others. I am 6’1, 180lbs With Red hair and Green/blue eyes with a athletic muscular build.
    I am a professional Firefighter with side jobs as Crossfit coach, Woods work ( Harrison Ford cough cough) and of course acting .

    Star Wars was apart of me growing up and I would relish the opportunity to be apart of Star Wars.

  5. ILove Star Wars. It Would.Be.a Dream For Me To Be Involved In Episode A Female. 5’11 I.will Dye My Hair If.needed. Its A Reddish Brown.Now. I Am 140Lbs So Fairly In Shape (Skinny) And Pretty Funny. Everyone.Loves My Sense Of Humor. Just To Be An.extra On The Film.Would.Mean A Lot. I.can Always Brighten The Mood 😛 WherEver We Are Supposed To Send An App In , Let Me Know. You Won’t Be Disappointed for Choosing.Me For ANYTHING!! :)/

  6. I’d also like to know where to send my resume and headshots in for a chance to be a part of this movie. If you have the answer please email me with the email provided.

  7. I’m an absolute HUGE Star Wars fan and amateur actor! Ive appeared in numerous independent and student films and being casted in Episode 7 would be a dream come true, even as an extra.

  8. Well I’m an crazy Star Wars fan I am 21 black hair blue eyes and I think my dream role would be as Ganner Rysode are as the Vong now know him as The Ganner! I’m charismatic in great shape and I’d do anything for this part or any part in the movie!!!

  9. I would love to be in the new Star Wars film. It would be a dream come true.
    I’m a ballerina and have done some acting. I’ve been performing since I was very young with Scottish and Irish dance. I’m not afraid of performing in front of people. I’ve performed as the Sugar Plum Fairy as well as the Dew Drop from the Nutcracker Ballet. I’ve also performed Highland dance with a group in front of over 2,000 people at a State Convention. I’ve played Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and am currently cast as Snow White, both local plays. I’m addicted to Star Wars and would feel honored to be apart of the Star Wars legacy.
    Age, 17
    Weight, 116
    Height, 5,6
    Hair, Brown, Very VERY Long
    Eyes, Blue/Gray
    Skin, Pale/Fair
    Body Type, Pixie Like/Petite
    Race, Caucasian American
    Would love to audition. Thanks!

  10. I am a NYC actress and would like to be considered for this film. I am both SAG-AFTRA and AEA. I am in my mid-20’s. I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. I’m 5′ 2″ tall and 110lbs. I’m slender and somewhat petite – but fit.

    I do have an agent if you need that information. I am willing to travel to any location for an audition. My demo is in editing process right now and will be ready soon. Thank you.


  11. I’m very interested in auditioning for a main role in the upcoming Star Wars trilogy. Please let me know where I may submit my resume and photo.

  12. My name is Konnor and more than anything I would love to audition for a role in Star Wars episode 7. Star Wars is my life and ever since I first saw Empire strikes back at age 7 I have always wanted to be in a Star Wars movie. I am 16 years old and I have done drama and acting inside and outside of school for nearly 6 years now
    I would really appreciate it if you could email me
    It would make my life 🙂
    Btw I’m a massive Star Wars nerd and would literally do anything for a chance to be in one of these movies

  13. I already live in the UK and live close to Leavesden so I could pop in if you fancy 🙂 I’m 17, 6’1 and look a lot like a young Luke Skywalker. Drop me an email? Pleaseee

  14. G’day! 🙂 My name is Lochie, I am 16 years old and have brown hair and brown eyes and am 181cm tall. Ever since I was 4 I have being a huge Star Wars fan, because Star Wars is more than just an iconic film series. Star Wars is a magical, cinematic experience that touches our hearts, shows us the wonders of film, and immerses us into a story that is engaging, life changing, and one that defines the cinematic experience. Star Wars is a universe that holds hundreds of imaginative stories for every man, woman and child to relate to and enjoy. It is the magic people look for when they go to the movies.
    I have had a strong experience in acting through my years of studying Drama. I have performed in many school productions/plays, and even acted in films that me and my friends make together. When I act I always make sure I bring a sense of naturalism to the scene. I try to never over-act or under-act my character when on stage or in front of the camera. My acting skills are solid enough and I believe that I could bring a sharp, sophisticated, natural performance to the film.
    One of my many dreams is to star in or be part of a big film, and I believe that this is now a chance for me to audition and get one step closer to fulfilling that dream.
    The Star Wars stories/universe is has a special place in my heart, it always has and always will be. I remember when I was young I would watch the movies countless times, listen to the music, and collect dozens of Star Wars Lego sets. I just loved running around with a Lego Ti-Fighter chasing a Lego Y-Wing through the house. I would completely forget about everything else around me because I would just allow my imagination to run wild. I am extremely excited about Star Wars episode 7 and cannot wait to see what JJ Abrams does with this universe. I would love to be a part of film as I believe that I can bring a natural performance. Thank you for reading this and please don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂

  15. Hi, my name is Justin. I am 5’10” tall, I have brown hair and eyes and I am a huge starwars fan. I have always wanted to take part in anything starwars related and being a part of this movie would be something I would love to look forward too. Although I am only 14, my creative, imaginative mind can be a good thing to add to this movie. I have been in a lot of my school plays and I believe my acting skills can qualify for this. I have seen all the movie, read most of the books and played all the video games and my awareness of what is going on in this galaxy will give me a good idea of what I will be doing and my interest it as well. I remember always having lightsaber fights with my friends and how fun it was and roleplaying as some of the characters and making up our own scenes for duels and the stories behind them. I would hope to play a major role in episode 7 but I am assuming most of the cast would be adults. However I am very tall for my age and I thought maybe I can play a part in this movie, maybe as one of the padawans or something. I have been writing starwars series for myself since I was a kid, well in my mind that is. I never really knew how to write it down so I kept all my stories stored up in my head. Minor or major role, it doesn’t matter to me but I would really like to be a part of this film. I hope you consider me 🙂

  16. To whom it may concern:

    I am a 5’11”, brown-haired, blue-eyed, 26-year-old, white male, and, being a life-long fan, I would be very highly interested in submitting an audition for any role the new Star Wars film. Whether the nature of that role be obscure or highly involved, it does not matter much to me, though a more involved role would be preferable. While I do not honestly have any professional acting experience to speak of for an impressive resume, I am not without acting experience of merit. Since I was a child, I have been told that I am an excellent and natural actor. In high school, I was part of an ensemble that competed and won on a national level. If requested, I can assemble a resume and/or anything else that might be requested of me.

    I look forward to hopefully hearing back from you about this excellent, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Thank you,

    Philip “PJ” Cavali

    THANK YOU, I HOPE U GUYS WOULD CONSIST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hello, I’d love to audition for a part in Star Wars VII. I have been told by multiple people that I look just like Luke Skywalker. If there is a need to play his son, I would love to try out. I’ve been acting since age 5, and have not stopped since. Please send me some information as to where I should post a headshot and a resume. Thank you!

  19. hello.. i am 41..5’11”..185 lbs..short dark brown eyes..i have dreamed of being in a star wars movie ..a star trek movie or t.v. show for as long as i can remember.. please tell me how to apply for casting for your new star wars movie.. help my dream.. i have been out of work since my job closed.. and seems every job i got after that moved from the state..closed or let go all the new people.. so its been 4 yrs.. can you help me back into the world that i lost give me my dream job..thank you for your time and any help you can give me

  20. My name is Jenna Rae and I am writing this because I would love the opportunity to be considered for a role in the upcoming Star Wars films. I don’t know where would be best to start so I will begin with my love of Star Wars. As a young girl I have the most wonderful memories of watching the Original Trilogy with my dad. We would sit there for hours as he continually paused the movies to explain to me what was going on and how Luke and Leia were related. When Episodes 1, 2, & 3 came out my dad took me and my two little brothers to the theater to watch the midnight showings. I remember that I was so excited I didn’t want to miss even a minute of the movie so I would take a nap that afternoon to ensure I would be awake for the whole movie. For my birthday when I was about 6 I asked my mom to make me a Jedi Knightess outfit and for a Light Saber. I will always remember the coat she made for me out of fabric she could find around the house. I even went so far as to ask her to wrap paper around my legs so that it looked like I was wearing the boots that Obi Wan wore in Episodes 1, 2, & 3. I was always telling my parents that I was Padme or Leia and that I was going to save the galaxy one day. Some of my fondest memories as a child were playing Star Wars with my brothers and practicing our Light Saber fighting. We would turn on the movies sometimes just to hear the voices and the music that we had grown to know and love while we played out the roles of our favorite characters. I remember dreaming that I was fighting the AT-AT Walkers or learning from Yoda on Dagobah in the marshes. I had dreams of fighting alongside the Wookiees to defend Kashyyyk and roaming the wild grass lands of Naboo. I have looked up to Padme and Leia as strong women who could do anything a man could. I wanted to and continue to want to be like them and stand up for what I know is right and I would love to help continue that legacy in such a wonderful role as Jaina Solo. I know you probably have hundreds of people writing to you asking to be a part of Star Wars. So I thank you for even reading this letter and considering getting to know me further.

  21. I am a Senior in the Cashton High School and I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of the Star Wars family
    I have been in love with the star wars films since i first saw them. I would love to be a part of the filming process in Any way, but my main wish/dream is to be an actor so thank you for the consideration.

  22. I am a 44 year old star wars fan who would love to be in the new movie. I am not a size six, just an average person who would the chance to be any character or extra for a film that has million of fans around the world. If anyone can email me on how to apply please feel free to email me. Thanks.


    Sherra Wilkins

  23. I have been in many plays and have had roles is small budget films and I am interested in a small role. How do we send in the resume for it?

  24. Im an sctir for Telemundo i speak english and spanish im on my third full spoken character soap opera im also shaolin kungfu black belt and if snyonr csn help i would like to join u guys in star wars episode 7 it would be a dream cone true.

  25. Hello, My name is Jeffrey Thelin I’m a sophomore at James Madison University. When I first heard about StarWars episode 7 I almost cried. Starwars is something that has been absolutely fundamental to my life. I will never forget what it felt like to see the words come up on the screen when I saw Phantom Menace and to think I will get to have that experience again! I also love acting and singing. I was invloved in theater and musical theater all throughout high school having leading roles in shows like – Anne Frank, Our Town, Grease, and You Can’t Take It With You. I love Starwars so much and I have dreamed about being a Jedi since I was little and now I have the chance to make that a reality. I will do absolutely anything to help with these films. I’ll be an extra, I’ll be a jedi, I would even just hold your coffee for you while you work :). If you need me for anything at all don’t hesitate to ask!

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