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  1. Hi my name is Lyndale Lewis, I reside in Pinehurst NC, my height is 6’1 inches, I am a AMTC graduate year 2010. My passion is singing the Gospel, I know that this a modeling agency you may not be looking for singers but I do model as well.

  2. I would be happy to model at a fashion show just email me for this opportunity and I’ll be happy and ready to do it a bit about myself I speak a few languages have blue eyes blonde hair please contact me when you want a model.!!

  3. Hey i am alexia and I’m 13 I love modelling from ever since I got the height body and I am street smart I live in jamaica currently but have been to the us in few times I am also good at doing my own make up and dressing as was a inspiration to others please contact me at bye

  4. Hello, I would love to get more information on casting calls coming up! I would love to get involved with acting and modeling more. If you have any helpful information I would greatly appreciate it! Please email me if you need more information! Look forward to hearing from you!!

  5. Hi͵my name is jamal brown am 5͵7 and am 15 years old i been wanting to be on disney channel or disney xD it was my whloe dream and am a really good actor i be role playing with my famliy and friends and so i hope please get choose and think you for your time

    MODEL FOR PLAYGIRL Magazine !!!


  7. I really love modeling, it’s just something I do for fun & as well take really serious, I would be really Honored to work with you guys. Plus my parents are going through economic problems & I really need this job to help them. Please contact me, God Bless You!:)

  8. Hi. My name is Heaven (obviously). I’m the type of person that you could call, persistent. I have three dreams, acting, modeling, and finding the person who created ice cream (I love you man). I am 5’11 with thick, wavy, dirty blonde hair, and big hazel eyes. I work excellent with people as well. I have the traits of, easy going, care free, funny, persistent, and principled.
    I really do hope I get chosen. And good luck to the others as well!
    ~Heaven MacCormack

  9. I love to act in front of people i am fear less i am not scare of being in tv i love acting and singing thanks if you have a question or want to now more about me call me 915 5009059 and my name is leonardo my dad will answer thanks

  10. I love to act in front of people i am fear less i am not scare of being in tv i love acting and singing thanks

  11. Hi my name is Permelo I am 14 year’s old.
    I can sing,dance (as long as there is choreography, i am good) and even act I have been inspired by a lot of movie’s and I would like to be a part of that or at least get a chance to be a part of that in the near future.
    The reason that you should consider me is that I am ready for anything I am really passionate and very good at what I do.

  12. Hi my name is Jenessa and I’m 11 years old I’m interested in modeling and this is my first time and km really fun and I cant wait to be on t.vgive me a call (706)-830-5155

  13. Hi im Savannah Paige Casto, im 16 years old 5’4 116 pounds and have brown hair and green eyes, im a free spirit and live in a small country town in West Virginia but ive always felt like theres more beyond these old dirt roads. I just wanna experience the world and everything life has to offer. Im very photogenic and love taking pictures and capturing once in a life time moments. I just wanna be an example for teens everywhere that anyone no matter where theyre from can be some one. Thank you so much.

  14. All I really have ever dreamt of is modeling , give me a chance and I will be the happiest person on earth. I will ever be greatful

  15. My name is Cameron Sullivan. I’m 17 years old. I’m 6’3″ with an athletic build. Blue/green eyes. Light brown hair. I am willing to take any job offered. Thank you.

  16. Sorry I’m commenting again I just really really want to get this oh my gosh it would be amazing especially to be able to meet a lot of really great Disney artist that would be amazing so if u just picked me once I would be really happy

  17. Hi my name is Isabella and I’m 12 years old. I am interested in modeling. I have experience with it. I know how to be around camera. I think it would be really fun too. Contact me at 818-561-0616 or 818-784-0907

  18. I have a BFA in Theatre with an MFA in Costume design. I have been around the performing arts for nearly 12 years and have experience in performance, design, technical theatre, etc…
    I have had an obsession with the Viking culture and history since I was a small child and have been an avid watcher since S1E1 because of it.
    I would love to put my skills and passion to use in furthering the success of such a fantastic show.

  19. Hello , my name is Linh Le (you can call me Dani) . I am really interested in Modeling, Acting , and Sing . I got all of that passions in me and i’m hoping that someday my dream will come true. Thank you so much for reading this . Thank you 🙂

  20. im from Oklahoma im 24 will be 25 on the 25 of april i have 6 children I have had more bad luck then good an I really just want to become something please look at my photos not the best I know they can be better with some professional help please help me make my dreams come true

  21. I think I would be good in your show I am a big fan I have good voice I am trying get the roll Leo’s brother I’m trying to help my family out with I’m really interested in the roll so please reply

  22. Hi my name is Shaniyamartin I love modeling I will love to work with you many want this just to be the greatest person in the world I want it to make my parents proud and I am light brown and light brown eyes and nice and 10 years old my number is 954-263-5802

  23. I hope to be in the modeling industry! I have lose a ton of weight. I have done everything and I really want to do this so much. I can’t believe that I have applied for this and I like to thank vine stars Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, and Cameron Dallas. God be with me!

  24. Hello, I’m a 16 years old and I am looking to pursue a career in modeling or acting. I am an African American female and I would love to do anything that embraces black beauty! Please contact me. This is my dream!!

  25. I really hope that Hollister choses me to model for them, it would mean a lot to me because I have wanted to be a model since I can remember.

  26. Hi my name is florabelle Mitchell i am looking for a modeling job, extra in TV show’s. I am 30 years old, Slim my dress size is 2-4, I am 5’3 H, 53 kls. I have a nice voice and i have a good sense of humor a natural good sense of humor. Here is my number 347-899-7733.

  27. Hi im dimpho im looking for a modeling job career ,im teenage female 17, im realy loving and hoping to get in this career in a early stage not for fun but for building a career and gain experience for the preperation of the up coming futuer.

  28. Glory Rivera

    5′ 2″
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:

    Workshops and Performances

    Launch Show Case

    Training- John Casablanca run way walk and improve.

    Launch Show Case – workshops, and seminars for acting and singing, auditions for
    singing and acting

    One Source Talent- work shop for how to auditon

    Franklin Brentwood arts academy- vocal classes and acting classes.

    Acting Workshop with Casting Directory Robert Putnam

    Modeling/Runway Training with Atlanta Diva, Valencia – October 25th

    Singing and Acting Showcase at Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy- October 4th

    Fluent in English and Spanish

  29. Please give me a chance and i’ll promise you you’ll love me. This is my dream sense kinder gordon. I want to be discovered. Im willing to do what ever it takes. So please give me just a chance. Sincerely Crystal Daniels.

  30. Anything would be awesome i’m pretty good at acting too!

    Oh and some extra info my email is and my phone number is 786-525-7490 I go to a blue ribbon school I have decent grades I am also from America and i’m Cuban. Thanks for your time!

  31. My name is Brittany. I’m a freshman this year at Discovery Canyon Campus. I’m a huge fan of Castle. Here’s all about me;
    Eye color:grey/blue
    Hair:blonde turning brown but I’m willing to die it for a part.
    What I do: currently I’m an honor srudent. I enjoy classes. I’m working towards a degree in meteorology/storm chasing. On my free time I play sports. I play softball, basketball, golf and I swim.
    Fun fact: I’m going to be Beckett for Halloween.
    As I said, I’m a huge fan. I watch the show every day. It’s really the only t.v. I watch besides football. It would be an honor to work with the cast and be on castle. I hope ypu consider me. Thank you.

  32. I have wanted to be on Disney ever since my cousin was and it would be awesome if I were in a Disney movie or tv show I have some experience in acting

  33. I think it is high time we redefined the word “model” and someone like me can do that by just getting this chance. I can put my story as well as myself out there to prove that that new definition of “model” is …. me (curvy, athletic, petite; unique)!

  34. My fiance and i will be perfect for this. We are hard workers, work together, and never give up. Hope we have a chance to be in this, thank you.

  35. Check out my Instagram and Facebook for more details and pictures.
    Instagram- nitachiruvella
    Facebook- Nita Chiruvella (herndon, va)

  36. I love to take pictures and I enjoy doing my make-up. I have always admired Queen Latifa and that’s exactly who I would like to be when I grow up. I would love to be a plus size model because I have the confidence and determination to be the best that I can be.

  37. Seeking any available openings for a main or supporting role or even to be a extra.

    Available~anytime any day of the week.
    Monday through Sunday

    My name is Brittany Prevot

    Date of birth~10/11/1987~26 yrs old
    Dress size~2-4
    Hair color~brown
    Eye color~brown

    Education~2009 to date Southeastern Louisiana University
    BA in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology~Senior expect to graduate in 2014

    2003-2006 Tara High School, Louisiana
    2001-2002 Lee High School
    Before 2000 Glasgow middle, and Oak Grove Primary

    Skills~Very Athletic, have played soccer since I was seven. I received a full soccer scholarship to my first college Bossier in North Louisiana. I also love the skill of fighting. I have taken punch boxing, kick boxing, Martial arts~Tae Kwon Do, and Brazilian JuJitsu. I know how to use Guns, and also have certification to carry concealed. I am first aid certified with the American Heart Association. I’m a long distance runner, and a fast sprinter. I’m a great swimmer.

    Training 2003-2004 John Casablanca’s out of New Orleans director Irene Torris Martin


    Year Type Role Production Director

    2014 Television Series/ Featured Extra/Salem
    2014. Featured Film/ Extra/ Cat Run 2 John Stockwell
    2013. Featured Film/ Extra/ The Crescent Christopher Hines
    2002 Play/ Shrew Taming of The Screw Julia Scott
    1996. Musical/ Background singer/ Disney/ Kevin Meloncon

  38. Halo my name is sekou camara i,m 16 yr old i,m 5,2 this my drams to be show if you can take me that will romantic thank you for let me do this have nice day

  39. My name is Clara Garcia and I’m spanish but I am currently living in the united states. I’m 14 and a half 🙂 I can sing,act and I’ve taken balle lessons and gymnastics classes too. It’s my dream to be an actress and I think that makes my acting even better because you can feel the passion. I can speak English,Spanish,Catalan and a bit of German. I wish you consider me as an option because I’m definitely what Disney needs!! I’m not shy at all and I love fashion.
    I’m brunette with some blond-ish pieces of hair in summer,tanned skin,big dark eyes and i weight 100 pounds!!!
    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hi

    I´am Marc Skywalker , Jedi Knight in Training and Son of Luke Skywalker . You called for help , here I am , be amazed by my presence.

    What would it take for me to be the Main Actor in the new amazing ” Star Wars VII ” Movie ?

    I am an Amazing Actor a Superfast Learner , Nice ,Smart ,Intuitive,Natural , I can learn understand use and improve everything very fast.
    I have a lot of Passion and Positive Energy that keeps me going when I like something.
    And I have Big Inspirational Goals in My Life . I DARE TO DREAM !
    The old Star Wars Movies belong to my favourite movies of all time and now to be in the Star Wars VII Movie is just great and makes a Dream com True.
    I am 6,1 ( 185 cm ) Male , slim athletic 6 pack packed , long brown hair , nice eyes
    Martial Arts experienced 15 years +

    Thank you for your positive Attention and all your Help , have a Nice Day .

  41. Hi I’m Mala Yim I live in Kent Washington.
    Asian 26 years old, 5’9″tall
    Eye: Brown/weight: 143 LBS/ Clothe: Body fit/ Hair: Black
    Barbizon acting and modeling graduated. I would want to get the opportunity as and Acting or Modeling.
    Experience: Yes.
    Talent Resume: I will bring it with me.
    I’m interesting into this company, and I will be able to work with you.
    Thank You for your consideration.

  42. Im carlos and im 18 years old i love aero clothing and it would ve a great opportunity to model for the company i weigh 170 height 5’10 greenish brown eyes im latin american i would love to work with you guys!!

  43. Hello my name is victoria castaneda i havent been in acing but i have been around people who do and want to be a actor/acttress i believe if i set my mind to this audition i would do my best but i also know how to do photography;i hope you consider and or pick me on the supernatural show. Thank for your time and consideration

  44. Hello! My name is Emily Young. I am 5’5 and weigh 115 lbs. i am slim and fit. I can walk in any height of heel. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Im caucasian and am 16. My mother was a model, her mother and her mother’s sister was miss New Mexico. I love fashion and individualism. My style is classy but girly and with a skater twist I have that “all American girl look”. I am a bubbly, happy, people person. I would just love so much for you to consider and even choose me. Thank you.

  45. You Know, 1 Corinthian 13:8 says, Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, tongues, knowledege, they shall fail, cease and Vanish. This is why i’m encouraged to want to be a player or come with my team on the show to win for my favorite charity. I’m a college student and God’s favorite daughter and i love to have fun while in the word, why not?

  46. i have a lot of experence i been trying to become a model to support my family we have very little money so i hope i get accepted thank you

  47. Hi my name is clint I’m 5ft 11 inches tall brown eyes black hair light brown skin and IV always wanted to live my dream of being an actor. IV been able to imitate movies and there lines characters video games and famous people ever since I was a little boy and still to this very day.

  48. One more thing……
    I live in Fairfield,California. My father,Dante, and mother,Rhonda are divorced. I live happily with both though. I am very. Slim and my brothers and friends used to call me toothpick. I decided to put my body in to a 10 – 11 year olds good healthy body. I jog and bike ride. If you consider me for a part and think I should leave myself the way I am I appreciate your opinion and advice. Thanks!!

  49. I have posted a comment without explaining my modeling love. So here you go I don’t have any modeling experience but if you think I could use some let me know. I get along with many people. I love putting on outfits and modeling them. Hope you consider me. Thank you

  50. Hi I’m sam mendes 6 foot 3 inches tall performed quite a few times with medium level acting experience. I would love to take part as I am a big fan of the expendables and I am a lot into acting and really enjoy and also inside as I feel that I will be a good character. Please let me know what you come up with on this email thank you for your cooperation. SAM

  51. I live in Hawaii and was a tour guide for 8 years. I also lived in Las Vegas for 10 years and drove Limousines for them Mirage Resorts as a VIP Driver. Then lived in California for 10 years. I am retired now and am available for work on any given day. If you can use me , I am ready. Sincerely, Judy Anstess

  52. Hey I’m adama Ba I’m 11 years old I live in Cincinnati Ohio and if I get the part I would not let you down I’m all smiles and I work great along with other

  53. Hello I’m maria Barrero and I’m really interesting in this fashion show please reply me and give this big opportunity thank you very much for read !

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