The Brady Bunch- CBS Castings and Auditions

The Brady Bunch
The Brady Bunch

You read right, The Brady Bunch is back!!!!!. Actor Vince Vaughn has teeamed up with CBS to bring the classic TV show back. We have learned that Vaughn is developing a new version of the classic sitcom and is going to air it on CBS. The son of Sherwwod Schwartz who is the original creator of The Brady Bunch will be the executive producer. CBS has rebooted a few other classics in the past such as Hawaii Five-O and 90210. This is a great oportunity to be cast as a stand in on a extra in a classic sitcom that you probably have seen one episode of.

Like the original series, the new Brady Bunch will center on Bobby Brady, a man with children of his own, remarrying a woman who also has children from a previous marriage. However, there will be a few changes according to news reports: the couple will share a child of their own and their ex-spouses will still be in their lives.

The new Brady Bunch is still in its early stages of development but the directors are now looking for extras and stand ins. The targeted release date is for the 2013-2014 season. Please keep checking back for more information and details on casting dates and times and leave us a comment.

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  1. I’m Marina I’m 27 years old but I’m short 4’10 petite. I can get away with small kids rolls because of my height so this could be perfect for me. I use to be blond hair but now I’m brown but I can always change it back to blond if needed. Email me info please. I can play extras like anything plus I play couple of musical instruments that can be played in some parts. so hit me up Thank You.

  2. I’m Emma Opper and I’m 10 years old. I started watching the The Brady Bunch about a year ago. I love the whole cast! Everybody always says I look like The Brady Bunch girls. I’ve been in plays and dances my whole life so I know what show business is like. I’ve starred in Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, and much, much more. I just started taking acting and dance classes so I won’t be scared on stage. I hope you find the best cast and make sure to tell me their names! You can find me at

    Thank You!

  3. I am 13 years old and have studied ballet my whole life. I have always thought about acting and I believe that now is my time. I don’t have that much acting experience but, everybody says I am a natural born actress. Also I have starred in the lead role as “Clara” in the Nutcracker ballet. I am just starting acting classes now to be more professional. People also tell me I look like the Brady bunch girls because of my blonde hair and round face. I would greatly appreciate if you considered me for one of the parts. Good luck finding your cast and keep me updated! You can email me at
    Thank you

  4. My daughter is 10 years old and is a natural born actress and comedian. She would really like to audition for the new Brady Bunch series. Please let me know how to proceed on this. We live in the Washington DC area. Thank You.

    David Brody

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