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The Family Tools
The Family Tools

After the success that ABC had with Tool Time they are looking to get back into comedies about craftsman, and are launching a new sitcom The Family Tools. The announcement was made this past may and production for The Family Tools has started in order to make the launch in early 2013.  The new comedy is loosely based on a Birtish sitcom White Van Man and is created by Joshua Sternin and Jeffery Ventimiglia who created that ’70s Show. The casting directors are now looking for extras to play in the sitcom along with a few supporting roles. With the success that Tool Time had we are hoping that The Family Tool is going to have a long run.

Mixing family with work is never easy, and Jack Shea is about to learn that lesson the hard way. When Jack’s father, Tony, has a heart attack and is forced quit working and give up his handyman business to his son, Jack is excited to finally step up and make his dad proud. But with Jacks passed employment experiences and his troubles holding a job, everyone seems to be waiting for him to fail. And to add to the problems is Tony’s trouble maker assistant , Darren, and Darren’s flirtatious sister, Liz  who works at the local hardware store. Yet with the support of his Aunt Terry and his crazy yet endearing cousin Mason, Jack Shea may just find his true calling that might be the family business. The Family Tools is guaranteed to bring laughs to ABC this January.

The casting directors are now looking for extras and a few supporting roles The Family Tools. If you would like to audition please submit your application along with a photo and contact information. Please keep checking back often for casting dates and times and leave us a comment.

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  1. im 13 and i am just starting off. But if there is any part i can do i will im about to be 14 so if there is a part for a 13 or 14 year old i can do it, . please contact me on my phone (210) 860-3606 or email me.

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