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The hero TNT with the Rock
The Hero- TNT

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking??? Well this time he is making a move into television with his new reality competition show Hero on TNT. Tentatively titled The Hero, the show will set about finding a “true hero” by pushing ten contestants to the edge(and beyond!) of their personal limits. TNT has ordered eight episodes with plans to air it in the Summer of 2013, with Johnson set as host, mentor and motivator. The Hero will incorporate social media into every aspect of the show, from pre-production and casting to on-location shooting and live broadcasts. Through the show’s interactive digital platform, viewers will be able to vote each week for the contestant they consider to be the most heroic. TNT has started the process of looking for contestants for its new show and this is your opportunity  This your chance to prove to yourself and others that you have what it takes to be The Hero so don’t miss out apply now.

According to TNT, The Hero will bring 10 ordinary people together in a house and then assign them various missions that will test their brains, their brawn and even their morality. The show will challenge the competitors to prove they’ve got what it takes to be heroes, pushing them to the limits to see what they are willing (and able) to overcome, undergo or sacrifice for the sake of their fellow contestants.

The Fast Five star will also produce the series with his partner Dany Garcia and Ben Silverman’s multimedia entertainment studio Electus and they are now searching for contestants. If you are interested in being a contestant on The Hero please submit your application along with a photo. Please keep checking back for more information on casting cities and times and as always leave us a comment.

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  1. Hi, I was raised in a small town in Pennsylvania and now live in kingsport, tn. I’ve always been told I’ll never be anything. No matter how hard I’ve tried in life I always seem to get knocked down but I always get back up. I’m very adventurous, determined, honest,hard working loving and caring. I’ve always put others before me, because of this I never seem to get any where that I’ve always wanted to. I love helping people but hate when it’s not appreciated. I’ve given up so much in life for others, for once I’d like to do something for myself, I want to make something for myself besides being a shift leader at pizza hut, I want to make my kids proud and to show them hard work,loyalty, determination etc. Does pay off. I want to be able to prove everyone that’s ever said I can’t do things and I’ll never be anything or anyone wrong. I am myself and that’s a lot, it’s hard to find true hero’s, and I have what it takes to show the world what that is. I’ve experienced more than most people have at my age and made it through more than most people could and still stay strong. I’m really interested in showing the world what i’m made of and what a hero is made of.

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  3. Hi, I am a 27 year old male from Ontario California. I am MMA fighter, and a Medical Asst. I am bored with life and need more. I love helping others, and trying new things.

  4. im a 28 year old father of 5 and husband from Humboldt Iowa im working on my AS in Accounting and plan on moving forward with that career once achieved. My father and i have our own construction company but it just doesn’t cut it when it comes to making ends meet with all the competition in that area .I’m a member of the Iowa Army National Guard for 11 years now with one deployment to Afghanistan and know what it takes to work together when needed to accomplish any task assigned. I’m a strong competitor and have what it takes to be the next Hero. ill give 1000% of every fiber in my body to make it to the end, and be the Next HERO

  5. HI my name is Regina I am 48 mother of three grandmother of eight I moved to Boston about three years ago from Texas with my granddaughter to find a doctor for her skin and to give my nephew a place to say. Now I take care of 4 of my grandkids and go to college on line I love your show and would like to be a contestant on your show I try to tell my grandkids all things are possible if you try hard and that everyone is a hero in their own way .

  6. Hello, My name is Karis White, I must say I have fell in love with this show this season. Never have I watched a show so exuberating, intriguing, or inspiring as this one! It has been such a thrill to watch. SO many people have not just over came there fears, but more so they have proven to their family, America, and most importantly themselves, that they can overcome any or everything they put their minds too. I know your thinking, “May I have a sandwich with that cheese?” because what I’ve said is so Cliché but I’s TRUE! This show is definitely hard core, bad ass. and simply “EPIC” . I am strong determined, fierce, but most importantly, I’m ready. I cant promise that ill be Americas next Hero but I can damn sure promise success in some form. This is most definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity but I want be that one!

  7. I am 39 years old, strong and healthy, am a man integrity who care for the welfare of others. I believe am a worthy candidate to participate in this heros challenge. Love the challenge and committment to one another in the heros challenge.

  8. My name is Andrew Seamons and I am a 43 year old single dad of 3 wonderful children. The last several years has been tough for me as I lost everything. I am starting my own business and working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I know that I am your next HERO. I served in the military for 4 years and have played sports all my life. I am an Eagle Scout as well, I am honest, full of integrity, and I never give up. I want to be a part of the Hero because it will allow me to show my children what is really important in life, but also to get some money to buy a home and provide a better life for my family. I only have a couple of years until my oldest daughter starts college and the money would come in handy to pay for that. I am a dedicated and committed person to any team that I am on. I have always put the needs of other people first and this is what being a true HERO is all about. I am what you are looking for. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and become the HERO.

  9. Hi, my name is Diana Kitchen I am an single stay at home mother of two beautiful little girls JUlie age 7 and Leilani age 3. I would love the chance of becoming an contestant on the heroes show. I will do anything to be a contestant my life I feel went to hell and I want to fix that I also would like my kids to look up at there mommy and be proud of me.

  10. Hello, I am a 63 year old female and am the oldest girl in a family of 10 brothers and sisters. I have learned to live through hardships, and how to be strong in stressful situations. I pride myself in being an inshape Nana, not afraid of trying anything new. Just finished a 3 hour zip line course and the previous week spent it scuba diving in Mexico. Next week it is salmon fishing…etc…… I teach middle school kids, and am always one step ahead of them… but what is really the most important to me, is that I am always trying to carry myself in such a way that I am a role model to these students. Teaching them how to be a hero in all situations is my life. Please consider an older “in shape” cool gal for your show. Thanks Benedetta

  11. I would be perfect for The Hero. I am a 27 year old high school math teacher and head wrestling coach. I was a college athlete and two time team captain who is extremely competitive at everything I do. I am also a very straight forward person who would provide lots of entertainment for your show. I do not know how to quit and would love the opportunity to compete on The Hero.

  12. Im Kristin, a student in Montana. Im hearing impaired, which I think makes me more in tune with my surroundings. I would like to be on The Hero because I know I can do anything I set my mind to. Anyone can.

  13. my name is anthony i am 20 yr old male i am from a small town called south fork in pa. i was hit by a car when i was 11 yrs old. i was what they called a normal 11yr old boy till after i got hit. i am have problems learning. i am better at learning hands on then out of a book when i was hit i was life flighted to the hospital in johnstown pa. i had a 3rd grade concussion and was given my last rights on my hospital bed. i have had my fair sure of problems in life. i am was a volunteer firefighter for the fire department in the town i live in. there is one thing i have learned in life at my age is that there are alot of thing in life that should rip you to pices but you just need to get up after you fall down and keep on moveing. i would like to be on this tv show to prove to people no matter who you are or what your past is you and only you have the abilty to change your future the way you would like it to be…..

    • My name is Jackie. Iam a 39yr old mother of 4 and wife of 20 yrs. I have accomplished everything that I have wanted in life. I’m looking to take it to the next level and challenge myself. I would love to be able to over come some fears that I have. I know I can bring it and become the next hero. Not only for myself but for my family,friends, coworkers an just anyone that I interact with on a daily basis. If I was on the show and I did do well I would also help out other family members in desperate need and I also work for mentally challenging kids and would love to be able to give back where the cuts were made within our school.

  14. Hello
    My name is John. Child of a poor broken home. Learned a trade, started a. Company, served our nation, I am a self made man who believes in the 3 F’S (faith, family and friends). Love helping others, always ready for an emergency. I am the HERO!!

  15. Some people may call me handicapped because my brain works differently than most. In reality it is a gift. I have Aspurger’s Syndrome. It interferes with school, it interferes with with my family life, and it interferes with my romantic life. That’s just the beginning of the list. A few years ago, I failed out of school due to severe depression despite the fact that I came in with an $8,000 a year academic scholarship. It nearly killed me; I will keep the details to myself. I am dead broke living with my family and I think my girlfriend has become pregnant. However it is complicated, because I still have feelings for my ex who left me three years ago. We were going to get married and we both gave each other our virginity. There is no restraining order, but there is an agreement with the police that I may not contact her or her family… and I deserve it. Part of me hopes to show her how much I have changed… but it makes me feel guilty, like in my mind I have already cheated on her, yet I still feel as though being with anyone but my ex is breaking the promise I made to always Love her. But enough of the drama… I am a hero. My stubbornness is both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. I never give up… even when I should. I have a lot to fight for. I fight for Love, I fight to protect my current girlfriend from her abusive parents, I fight to teach the world that Aspurger’s is as much a strength as it is a handicap, I fight to change the world. I also pledge to give any money I win to Lazarus House in downtown St. Charles Illinois. I am not perfect, but I have the drive to be a hero. I have always felt like I was destined to be one and I have always strived to be one through and through and I constantly refine my character to be more and more like one. I am a 20 year old male. Know that, even if you don’t give me this chance, I will still be a hero to the whole world. I will just have to make my way there.

  16. When i seen the previews of “The Hero” i said to myself i could defanetly do that. I am 31 yrs old. I am from south Louisiana a little town called Larose. I am a licensed carpenter and i also work for the local government. I live alot off the land. I have been married for 12 yrs to a wonderful women and mother who always has confidence in me that i can achieve anything that is set in front of me. I have 4 children that are proud of everything i have done and continue to do for them. There has been many difficult paths in my paths but never failing in any objective i have set my mind to. All of my family love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and for me to be part of the show would make them so much more proud of what i could and can do on The Hero. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  17. My name is Edwige Gedeon out Irvington,NJ .I’m going to cut the garbage out and get to the point I’m full of drive and determination and know how to bring it!!!!

  18. “HERO” A strong word to describe something that a person has done in an attempt to preserve another’s life or greatly reduce an injury.
    In my life an career I have been involved in many situations that one might say were courageous or hero worthy and I reply simply that I am no a hero, I am just a man that values life and will do what I can to protect it.
    Hi my name is Bill, I’m 43 years old and have worked in the emergency services for 24 years as an EMT, a Firefighter and currently as a Paramedic. I have faced many challenges along the way and would jump at the chance to face this challenge head on. given the opportunity I will show the viewers of this show what it takes.

  19. Hello my name is Keshia, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Athens, OH. I would love to have the opportunity to come on the show The Hero. I feel I have what it takes because I’m very athletic. I love to play basketball and some other sports, ride four wheelers and ride horses. I’m always on the move and I love the outdoors. Plus I was in CrossFit for awhile and that got me really motivated and I feel like I need motivation because I feel nothing is going the right direction for me and I want to make something of myself and I believe Dwayne Johnson can get me there. So Please pick me!

  20. I am 48 years young. I’ve been waiting in the wings too long. I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime. Always want to help the way I should. I’ve conditioned my body and mind. Did the “Hero Rush” and plan on doing it again. This is something I need!!!

  21. I am 33 years old. I am working as a Ramp Agent at Seatac Airport. Currently living in Seattle Washington. Would like to get a chance to become the first Samoan Hero. I know I can win this completion because I have a big heart. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

  22. I know I’m not the common choice for a show like this, I’m not extremely hot, or a 20 something. I’m in the 40+ group, but I’ve been playing hard at a whole lot of things, all my life, and experience is a great teacher! I’m honest, would try hard, and I think I can be an asset. I’ve been a team player all my life, a 9/11 first responder, and I think I can take my team mates towards their goals. 🙂

  23. Very interested in becoming the next american hero sincerly hoping to luck up and get a spot sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime thanks for the chance if chosen.

  24. I was born in Pahokee, Florida I’m a seventeen year old that’ll turn 18 in July I play football run track and I like to lift weights I would love this experience !

  25. Born And Raised Out Of South Carolina. Graduated High School, Attended Some College And Enlisted In The Military. Ive Been Around And I Have Some Things Under My Belt But Honestly Nothing Will Make Me Happier Than To Experience Something As Adrenaline Rushing As This. Yes I Have Experienced Military Training But This I Completely Different. In Training We Experienced Ruff Times But Not In Front Of Millions Of Americans. That Would Truly Test You To Take It To The Nexg Step. No One Wants To Look Weak Infront Of Their Own!

  26. I have been hearing about the show on Tv all the time and would like a shot at being a contestant on the show. I am 32yrs old living in Houston Texas and i was just medically discharged from the Army after 12 1/2yrs of service with a handful of deployments to the middle east. I ended up with compartment syndrome in both of my legs and the military decided to do surgery on them and i ended up being that small percentage of personnel who do not recover. So the Army said they had to let me go, I think being on the show would give me the chance to show not only the world but also the military that i can still be a “Hero” even if my legs are not 100%

  27. I not anyone special heck I am not even 6 feet tall.
    just an average guy with the love to help other in need when ever I can do so.
    I have a heart of gold, I love to see people make it big in their lives. just the same as I would love to make it big or make something out of my life or what’s left of it. I don’t want to sound negative but life has not been too kind to me.but with your help and your show I can make a step forward to something much better in my life. something like the rock getting a chance to do what he done with his life and career from just doing something to doing what he really wanted to do I admire him for that.
    that is a change that is not realized by many people. do you know how many people would change their life’s if they had half a chance .so please consider me for your show and help me make a change with my life like the rock did.

  28. Hello,

    My name is Mike and i live in Fort Myers Florida and would love a shot to audition for this show. I am 31 years old, 6 foot, 170 pounds, i’m in shape and am freshly out of the US Army. I have the guts and passion to be the next HERO. I recently went skydiving and the thrill has me seeking more adventure. I recently had a daughter about 9 weeks ago, me and her mother are split up and she won’t let me see my daughter, so for me i’d be doing it for my daughter. I feel it is my duty to do and accomplish extraordinary things due to the fact i can’t spend the time i’d like with my daughter. If chosen to be on this show i will bring the courage, integrity and honor instilled in me during my service in the military.

    Thank you Mike

  29. Im Eli im 28 and im going to be 29 on the 31st. Just seeing the commercial with made me want put myself through a limitless challenge. I’m a father of two along with my wife Lizzie. My boys such big fans of the rock, I would love opportunity. Thank you and hope to get a reply from you guys. Eli Flores

  30. My name is Dormaine Nixon, I live in Georgetown S.C. I”m thirty three years old. I have a wife and three kids. I am a production operator at a chemical plant in S.C. A deacon of a church and a Sunday school teacher. I know it sounds boring.I need excitement in my life and hope I can help other people besides the ones i reach inside the church or the reach of my eyesight.

  31. I would like the opportunity to compete in the Hero next contestant round picks. I an not the average choice for shows like this but, I’m loosing my house, I’m a non-traditional (40-50 age group) college student and I need to save my home and help my family and invest in my education to do more research into psychology for the mentally ill and Lupus. I know I can be your next Hero and a hero to others.
    Thank you

  32. I am a professional firefighter, and have been for 25 years, I am 46 years old and father of four. I would do anything for my family but this I would like to do for the children with cancer and their families. I would like to think I can do anything that is asked of me, and even though firefighters have been called heros before, I personally think these children with cancer are the true heros and their families. These people face the hardships of this disease day in and day out, and what the children go through is unbelievable. I would like to put myself all in the line for them and if I am chosen to do this and if and when I win, the money will go to help them and their families to make life a little easier. Thank you for reading this.

  33. I am 20 years of age from denison texas with a diploma but no college nothing special but i just might have exactly what it takes to be a hero i want to prove myself to everybody show everybody what its like to truly have courage

  34. I am a 30 year old male, born and raised in the Bronx, New York and currently living in Massachusetts. I am a 12 year veteran as a Paramedic looking to broaden my horizons and not afraid to try new ventures. I am a proud father of two and would absolutely do anything for them. When I saw the commercial of the new TV series “The Hero”, I thought to myself, what a perfect opportunity to give it my all for my kids, especially since my kids love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I’ve been through many demanding physical agility courses through the span of my career and I believe I would be an ideal contestant for this show. Looking forward to your reply.
    Ruben Torres

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