The Importance of Headshots

Casting directors, producers, writers and directors use your headshot to get a quick glance at you and to see if you have the physical attributes that they are looking for. Its one of the most important tools in the acting business. Your headshot enters the room long before you do. It is the chance to make that ever so important first impression. Here are a few tips on having good headshots that are going to help you climb that first ladder to the top of the acting world.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to hiring a good photographer. Most good headshot photographers charge between $400 and $700, and those who are at the top of the pyramid charge over a thousand dollars for a session. So if you think you are getting a good deal on cheap headhsots better think twice and wait that extra few months until you have the money for better quality, a cheap picture tells the casting director that you do not take yourself seriously as an actor.

Stay within your type don’t try to make a headshot that dosen’t portray who you are. Its ok to have different outfits and looks but your personality should be you. If you have more looks you can send different versions of your headshot depending on the type of project. As for what to wear, solid colors are safe the focus should be drawn to your eyes and smile.  Stay away from hues that match your own skin tone.  Give some contrast and depth to your photo, there are several colors that look great on everyone: fuscia, teal, purple, navy. Brown and gray are a toss up.

Your credits should either be printed on the back of your photo, or stapled to it with the credits facing out so all someone has to do is flip over your picture to see your credits. Don’t try to over load your headshot with too much information just because you were the lead in your school play doesn’t mean it belongs on your professional acting resume.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be on your way to having a great headshot.

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  1. I wish someone could tell me how to get into magazine model since the industry has a problem with taller men. I know there are tall men models. Please help.

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