The Power of Plus


Plus size modeling seems to be getting a lot of attention these days.  With the signing of Tess Holliday, size 22, by MiLk Model Management and the recent announcement that Sports Illustrated will have Robyn Lawley on the cover of their illustrious Swimsuit Issue, size 12.  Not to mention the full page add that has been taken out, within the aforementioned issue, by SwimsuitsForAll featuring the gorgeous Ashley Graham.  It would seem that the industry is starting to turn, and for the better.  An industry that was so long focused on the tall, super skinny seems to be turning to the more natural shapely form of the female body and the sex appeal that it has.

So What Are Agencies Looking For With Plus Size Models?

Typically agencies are looking for models that range in size anywhere from size 10/12 to 14/16 and range in height anywhere from 5’7” to 6’0”.  While all this is merely ideal there have been many that have gone outside of these guidelines to become successful (i.e. Tess Holliday, size 22).  Most importantly you must have good skin, teeth, and nails, which is required in any sort of modeling.   It is also important to note that you should have little to no tattoos/piercings and your hair should be natural and healthy.

So Where Do You Begin?

First-off you will need to get some photos done, including a headshot and full body shot for your portfolio.  This does not mean that you have your two “besties” do up your hair and make-up and take few pics of you with their iPhone.  This is you opportunity to have these things done professionally and to demonstrate you professionalism to the people that you are submitting yourself to.  Social media is another way of getting yourself out there.  It is important to get on and “like” and “follow” as many people in the industry as possible.  Along with doing this do note that these people will now be able to view you, so it is paramount that you maintain a positive attitude and image.  Negativism is a huge turn off to everyone in the industry.

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The plus modeling movement is certainly gaining steam and the room for growth seems to be gaining on a nearly daily basis.  Really it’s about time that females in this country are no longer subjected to Barbie mold that has been the standard for so long.  An unrealistic standard that has hung like a black cloud over the American social structure since the 1960’s.  This is the first wave of a new rising tide of women that are proud of their bodies and won’t be stifled by the social norm anymore.  And hats off to them for that are truly beautiful.

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  1. I decided to become a model a couple of years ago. I all of a sudden fell in love with modeling, so I took it upon myself to sign up for one source talent and they were awesome. I recently gained a little weight so I figured that I’ll try plus size. I think this would be a great opportunity to get my career as a model going. If I make it where I want to be in the modeling industry, I would be so proud and emotional because of the people who said I couldn’t. Thanks in advance!

  2. I believe I should be considered for the “The Power of Plus” casting call because I have entered a time in my life where I can appreciate my beauty, my size and my personality. I am new to the modeling industry. However, I believe I would enjoy familial print work and commercials that would enable me in this time in history to stand out. So I hope I receive a call back, because I’ve been looking for an opportunity such as this since the pendulum within the modeling industry has swung. I can also be reached at One Source Talent, talent #107743 or 505-402-7056. Lilah

  3. I have wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. I have always been into beauty, fashion, and make up. I tried very hard to purse a career in modeling in my teens but my height of 5’6 hindered me. Every agency I went to told me I was too short. I was so disappointed. I then went on to college to further my education but modeling has always been in the back of my mind. So I decided to do some research on plus size modeling since I am now a plus size. I’m a curvy girl and proud of it. I believe I should be considered for plus size modeling because I have a strong passion for modeling, love having my make up done by make up artists, am very comfortable in front of the camera and showing off my curves. I have beautiful skin, pretty eyes, pretty smile, and gorgeous hair. I also have very dainty pretty feet. My feet look fabulous in all different kinds of shoes. I receive many compliments from people I don’t even know like when I am in a store. I am hoping my dream of becoming a model becomes a reality for me in 2015!

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