The Rover- New Robert Pattinson Movie Auditions

The Rover
The Rover- Robert Pattinson

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that The rover, a new movie with Robert Pattinson  had been given the  green light. Pattinson will have a chance to try to step out of the  “Twilight” spotlight and into his own turf. Co-starring with Rob in the Rover will be Guy Pearce and producing the movie is Animal Kingdom director David Michod. All the details about the casting locations are yet unknown but auditions will start soon. The directors will be looking for extras, stand in doubles and supporting roles.
According to sources, the futuristic Western set in the Australian desert. The Rover tells the story of Eric (Pearce), who has left everything, everyone and every aspect of human good will behind him, as he’s forced to join an injured gang member, Rey (Pattinson), to hunt down Rey’s gang after they steal the last of Eric’s possessions. Keep checking back for more information as more details about the movie are released.

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  1. I am 17, and live in Melbourne Australia,
    So if the movie happens to be filmed in Australia it would be easiest to fly my to the location but if I am needed to audition in america I would be there in a heart beat.

    I am Caucasian, tall and slim.

    I am an aspiring motivated Australian actress hoping to be the next Aussie chick even if i start in the background of a movie, you have to start somewhere!
    contact me if interested or even to give me any details

  2. I am 21, I live in Adelaide and have had loads of training. Including a course at NIDA.
    I’m also a client at Exclusive Talent Management.

  3. Hi my name is Annel, i am 15 years old, im turning 16 on may this year. I have big brown eyes, brown long hair, my skin color is like a tan color, i am 1′ 60 tall. i am from south america (latin), my english is pretty good and i also speak spanish 🙂 i would really like to participate as an extra in this movie it would be a dream come true and im looking fowards to it.

  4. Hi, for a while now i’ve heard about this film being filmed in Adelaide.
    I Would love to be a part of it in some way, as I am trying to find work as an actress and I am from Adelaide so it would be perfect. I would love to send my resume in if I am able to. I am 21, 5’3, brown hair brown eyes, Caucasian, and have experience in acting. I would love to hear back!
    Thank you

  5. Hi there. I’m trying my very hardest to find out where to apply for supporting roles in ‘The Rover’production. I’m conscious of time getting closer, so please could someone help. I was informed by Porchlight production that the necessary info would be online but I have spent hours everyday since, scouring the net and finding nothing. I have posted on here before, so I hope I do get as reply.

  6. Hey I’m Rebekah, and this is the kind of movie that I will impress in. I am 16(pass for older), green/gold eyes, blonde(will change if needed), about 125 pounds and 5 foot 2. I love to write and I am a dancer of 11 years, therefore im flexible and swift. I live in a small town that is just holding me back from what I strive, and need to do, because the longer I sit here, it gets more irritating. I can play many different personalities and I know I could impress if you would give me a chance. PLEASE take this into great consideration

  7. i would really enjoy being an extra in this movie and can send my resume if needed. i am 5’3 light brown hair blue eyes and fair skin.

  8. O my he’s sexy. Anyways he’s an amazing actor. I’m Marina 27 years old. 4’10 petite, short brown hair, blue eyes. People say I can be used to play in multiple kids and teen rolls because of my height but I want to try big rolls to try something new, exciting and fun plus puts a great word on my resume. I want to win some awards but its mainly just try acting to expand my life around. Hit me up at

  9. It would be fun and exciting to be apart of the cast and extra. This would be a great opportunity. I am a 20 year old female. 5’2. 140 pounds. Black hair. Used to be blonde. I can send my resume and picture if I knew where to send it. I haven’t acted in anything major. I have done drama in 7th and 9th grade. It was fun. I am a fast learner. Thank you.

  10. Hi! My name is Laura I’m 23 years old and I have lived in New York my whole life. Acting is always something that I have wanted to do and I know that If you give me a chance that I can show you why I would be great for this movie. I am a very energetic and outgoing person who works hard and can learn new things fast. I am 5’9, caucasian,with dark brown long hair, and have an slim/athletic build. A picture of me can be found on twitter under @lmarriott1129. I would love to be considered for any part. Thank you for your time.

  11. Brittany Boyd

    D.O.B: 7-23-1989

    Height: 5’8″

    Weight: 118lbs

    Build: Slim, Athletic

    Hair color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Green

    I am athletic, bubbly, loyal, professional, and motivated. Most of all I am results-driven. I am a model and an aspiring actress. I have done modeling work in an array of environments. I also work as a freelance hair stylist and makeup artist and have worked on several movie sets. This high-stress, fast-paced environment has conditioned me to not only prepare at a high level, but also to be prepared for the unexpected. I would be a good choice because I am very hard working and really motivated. Even if I haven’t done a type of job before I will give it my all. Thanks for your consideration! J

    Any other information you need, please ask!

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