Transformers 4- Movie Castings and Auditions

Transformers 4
Transformers 4

Paramount finally confirmed what we all have been waiting for and that is that both director Michael Bay and an official release date have been locked down for Transformers 4. It has also been said that the next film in the Transformers series will feature an all-new cast of transforming robots. The previous 3 installment have been a huge hit for Bay and they are looking to add to the success with the new Transformers 4.Despite the new cast and new story line, Bay said that the film would not be a reboot. Instead, the fourth film will build on what happened in the first three. Bay plans to make the fourth installment on a budget of about $165 million. The full cast has not yet been announced but the casting directors are now taking in applications for extras and day roles for the new film. This is a great opportunity for any fan of the Transformers series or anyone that is looking to break into the acting industry.

The screenplay for Transformers 4 is being drafted right by Ehren Kruger and it is expected to hit theaters on June 27th, 2014. Recent word from the director has rumored that Transformers 4 will be the opening act of a new storyline all complete with new Robots and new Characters. The full plot of the movie is not released yet but it is said that the story will take place in outer space.

The casting directors are now taking applications for anyone that is interested in being an extra in the film. They are looking for males and females any age and no experience is necessary. If interested please submit your application along with a photo and basic contact information. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and leave us a comment on what you think about the new robot design in Transformers 4.


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  1. My name is Tracy L. Holmes. I am 5″6, about 280lbs, i have a very stocky but solid built. I am very clean cut. I keep my hair cut bald, and no facial hair except eyebrows. I attended Drama classess in College. Also did acting classess at Texas School of Libral Arts and Theater. I recently auditioned for a roll in the hit television show Empire and reseaved a call-back for the part and they wanted me to start in there work shop with a acting coach but was unable to attend, due to my wifes health issues. I’ve been in two local movies in Omaha, NE, and one local video.. Please e-mail me the next audition information so that i may schedule to attend next audition. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello, I am thirty, 5’7″, brown hair, hazel (bl. grn.) eyes, 133lbs, I can sing and act, and have a yellow belt in shoto-jitsu karate (novice). Would love to be considered for any roles available. Thank you for your time and consideration

  3. im a NYC beatboxer voiceover artist SAG/Aftra,i do character voices,computer,robot synth sounds,literaly like having a vocoder in my throat,i grew up watching & playing with transformers so they were a major influence please see MasaiElectro on youtube.

  4. Hi my names Sam. I’m a 22 year old female from Pittsburgh. I’ve been in several plays and am featured as a reporter for a radio talk show. I’d love to be an extra or have a chance to audition for a role. I’m a true geek at heart and this would be a dream come true!

    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 120
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Skin tone: olive

  5. Hey! I’m Jakob Bonaccorso and I’m a 13 year old teenager. And I already know what most people reading this are thinking: “It’s a little pathetic kid wanting to be in a major movie…” But let me explain some things…

    I have no interest in being a visual actor, but I really am excited to see if I have the potential be a voice actor in Transformers 4, and I honestly think I do. You see, over the years I have developed this alternate voice that I can use at my disposal whether its scaring freinds and family or intimidating others. This voice, and I can assure you, is really dark, scary, nothing like a regular voice and, may I say “Decepticon worthy”? Everyone knows me as the “kid with the voice” and I truly treasure it as everyone else who knows it does… And I think it would be a great voice to fit a strong and mighty decepticon. I have always LOVED the Transformers productions whether it was the early cartoons or the major films, and I greatly study the topic closely. All the time, I’ll be up in my bedroom, practicing my “voice” seeing if I can fit the role of a riveting and powerful Decepticon. All my freinds and family think I got what it takes and have encouraged me to take this chance.

    This is a extremely great dream of mine and I hope you’ll consider me. I am willing to do just about anything to obtainna role as a Decepticon voice actor, Thank you!

    P.S. Just some things you might want to know…

    Ethnicity: White American
    I currently live in Canada
    I’m a healthy teenager and participate in sports like basketball and baseball and I weightlift (so I have a, if I may say, pretty good build)

  6. Age: 23
    Location: Warren, MI
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 175 lb
    Hair: Black
    Ethnicity: Asian (Vietnamese)

    I am interested in being an extra or being casted as one of the Asian family members. I recently earned my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Michigan State University. I was on the Michigan State Cheerleading Team for 2 years, so I am familiar with working/dancing/cheering/talking/acting in front of a large group of people.

    Thank you

  7. I would be interested in acting in this film. Transformers is a great series and I used to watch the cartoon when I was little, so I’ve been a fan for years. I dye my hair, so if I need a different hair color I can find the dye even if it’s something crazy like purple or normal from blonde to black or any reds/browns in between.

    Height: 5’7″

    Hair: Red/brown (currently, may be blue/purple in near future)

    Eyes: Blue/grey

    Build: Average/slim

    P.S. I have facial piercings (angel bites, one on each side of my upper lip) and if that’s a problem, I am willing to have them out with make up covering the holes. If not, it kinda adds a rebel touch to what I hear is an adorable/cute face. I’m not asking for a lead role, I could just be someone to walk past the camera once or be sitting/standing in the area as part of the background. I’m mostly doing this for my mom. She’s wanted me to be a model for a while and maybe being in a movie would show her I’m listening and want to take a bigger step than expected. Also, I live in Florida…

  8. Hi I am 14 years old and I geard that transformers 4 is looking for an Asian family. My family is Asian we are Vietnamese and we are a family of 7. I’m sorry for submitting this so late but please email me back. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. Their ages are 3,12,15 (girl), 9 (boy). We would really like I apply for the Asian role. Please and thank you. 3 of us does gymnastics and my brother does baseball. We all like to sing and dance and we can be a weird family at times. I really hope it’s not too late to apply for the role. Please email me back thank you!!!

  9. Hello names Amber. How’s it going? I really love acting, its the only thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you wouldn’t regret picking me because you might, I’m kind of annoying. . . . . Just kidding, that’s was a joke. I’m definitely not annoying. But I suppose all annoying people say that. I’m 22 years old, 5’7 ” and 140 lbs. I play sports, so I’m pretty built. I’m from DETROIT, mi and my job blows. I attend Oakland University, which is really hard. Life is hard I should just drop out of school and pursue my real dream as a stripper. . . . That was also a joke. So if you picked me, it would really cool of you, and I would totally appreciate it. Thanks so much! Bye!
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Female

  10. I am a actor from chic*go illinois as well as a martial artist and I do independent wrestling. I have been a transformers fan all of my life and I would like to be a extra in the movie.

  11. I have always wanted to be an actor even though i am young my opportunities are not endless
    and i want to spend my life being what i want be ,an actor.
    I am 6″0
    140 pounds
    Blonde hair blue eyes
    14 years of age
    a very good actor
    and Wellington do anything to be in the movie ill even be a background person . because believe that’s the way you have to go to become a successful actor/ actress

  12. Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’4″
    Body: 132
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: Asian/Chinese
    Eye color: brown
    Language: English, Chinese
    Nationality: Chinese
    I heard that they are looking for a “real” Chinese actor. Well, I am a Chinese girl who is studying in united states. I speak English and Chinese pretty well. I love acting and I am good at it. They will never be regretted to choose me. I am also a singer and dancer.
    Thank you

  13. 22
    I just back to hongkong after few years of study in England, saw the transformer 4 casting thing online and wonder would it work, would be awesome .

  14. Dear Ma’am or sirs

    Hello, my name is Raymond, and I live in Orlando, FL. My dream is to be in the film industry. I am 30 years old, with brown eyes and dirty blond hair. Also I am 6’4″ and have a bigger build, but don’t let my size fool you, I can do more then expected. I have been an hero extra in the Independent film “RENEE” shot in Orlando. Also for the past 9 years i have been acting at Universal Studios Florida for the Halloween Horror Nights events. I am very versitle in the roles I can play. I am also willing to do any role no matter how big or small. Am willing to travel if needed to, within reason. Just looking for a oppurtunity to show Hollywood what I can do if given the chance. Thank you for the consideration, and hopefully the chance to work with the amazing cast and crew.

    Yours Truly, Raymond M. Ptak

  15. Hello My Name Is Tiffany Adón I’m Just Another Dreamer Trying To Get Into The Industry But Even If I Don’t Get A Part I Know I Tried
    Age:15 (12/19/1997)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 198
    Body:Kinda Hourglass (Big Hips And All But Not Skinny)
    Hair: Brown With Golden Blinde Highlight , Natural Curly Hair, Usually Straight
    Ethnicity: Dominican
    Eye Color: Briwn With A Black Ring Around It
    Language: Spanish And English (Both Fluently)
    Hope I Get In And You Guys Like Me .

  16. Hello, My Name is Andrew and I am a 38 year old 6’4″ 250 pound blonde hair blue eyed male in Shelby Township, Michigan. Always a fan of the Transformers back to the old school cartoon days. The new look Bay has created for the Transformers is amazing and makes me want to re-buy all the action figures. Can’t wait to see the new characters in T4. I have done some work in the old Detroit Train Station and thought it would just be so cool to be a part of when the movie was being filmed there. Would love to be part of the Michigan film scene on camera and being associated with Transformers 4 would be a great start. So far, just had a taste of hanging out with the Grand Torino crew when they stayed here in Troy, Michigan. Thank you for your consideration.

  17. Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5″
    Body: Average/athletic 120lbs
    Hair: Blonde (auburn)
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Eye color: Blue
    Language: English, French
    Disciplined, trained in stressful situations, combat training.

    My name is Amanda Irwin, I’m a French Canadian perfectly bilingual. I practice simulations of combat more then often as comrade and as enemy , we are careful to bring out character for more realistic training. what’s better then someone who has already trained for action like in transformers. Being a reservist and practicing armoured vehicle manoeuvres is what I’m trained for.

  18. It all started in jr. high when I had to choose a elective class, not knowing what it was or what i wanted I chose drama. Once finding out what it was about I got hooked. My acting career started with Oliver Twist with the lead role as Oliver. I was in six more plays that year and by that time i knew this is what I wanted to do. Later in high school I joined the drama class and there we produced,directed and choreographed two plays out of three that we did. Later in 2004 I was in Veronica Mars as an extra and in 2012 I was in two commercials in az.
    I also attended acting school at John Casa Blanca and received a certificate for completion. I would love to get more experience in my career and Im very passionate about the art. Getting people to experience the ups and downs and getting lost in the story and movie is what I would love to accomplish as an actor. connecting with the audience I think is the greatest honor and experience in acting for me. That is why acting is my world and why I wold like to be part of it.

  19. I have a on-line Profile, I have done a lot of stand in work and double work, a lot of extra work too, but would like to break in and get a part. I am 51 yrs, height: 5’9″ weight 175, I am white, blue eyes salt & pepper hair ( drk Brown) I did not see a e-mail to send in for the casting group. couldn’t see how to send a Pix. but I do have some. been in the acting for 8 yrs. My day job is a Security Officer Thanks for your time. contact me (580) 579-1534 or (580) 745-9281 e-mail:
    Steven Taylor

  20. I have a on-line Profile, I have done a lot of stand in work and double work, a lot of extra work too, but would like to break in and get a part. I did not see a e-mail to send in for the casting group. Thanks for your time. contact me (580) 579-1534 or (580) 745-9281 e-mail:

  21. Hi, My name is Sean Lauppe. Im 20 years old. Im 6’6 and weigh 205. I go to the gym frequently and have blue/green eyes. I have brunette hair. I have never been in a movie but always wanted to. I have a laidback, outgoing personality. I can play any role and very confident. Im from Sacramento, CA. I get along with everyone and you wont be disappointed. Im a college soccer player so i’m very fit looking. Email me at and lets do this!

  22. Hello! My name is Gwynne, I’m 14 years old, I have short golden-brown hair, blue eyes, and I am 5’7” and my weight is average. I’ve never been in a movie, but I have been in preformances in a school musical, and ballet. I would love to, at the very least, be an extra. But- if possible- I would love to take part in the VO’s for an autobot or decipticon. I have also attended IMPROV classes. I have a great voice as well. But, the reason you should choose me is because I’m young, still studying in an acting classes, at Robert Powers, I can give the movie and the part some spark, and I listen very well. So give us a call if you’ll consider it, at 425-760-1784 or 425-760-1920 at anytime~! Thank You~! Nipah~!

  23. Hi my name is Yun Liu, I’m Chinese and an actor. I can play the age range from 17 – 28. I always been a long time huge fan of not only Transformers, but of Michael Bay also. Ever since Bad Boys (even though I was too young to watch it at the time), I have been hooked on Michael Bay’s movies. I heard they will be filming in China and in need of Chinese actors. I can speak both flute English and Mandarin. You can find me on castingworkbook under the name Yun Liu represented by Hero Artist by lead agent Jessica Martin. Or you can just send me an email and I will send you my resume and headshot.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to hear back from you!

    – Yun Liu

  24. I am 15 and have always wanted to be a movie extra. It seems like it would be a fun learning experience for my future.

  25. Hello, I have never been in a movie, but it is my dream to be an actress. I am 20 years old, 5’10” and I have an althletic build. I have long dark brown/black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. Thank you for your consideration.

  26. i dont know what extras you have but i live near detroit i am a 25 yr old m 6ft athletic . i have been extras for few movies.

  27. My name is Andrew Sarafa I am 16 years old out of Farmington Hills Michigan. I am 6’4 290 pounds, brown eyes, black hair, and big build frame with a Caucasian and Chealdean mix. I have always wanted to be apart of the Transformers troligly every since I was 10 and playing the the figures I got for Christmas when I was that age. Being fairly close to where the set will be I am always early and ready to do whatever is needed and asked of me I play Varsity football for my high school and Varsity bowling also. I’m a quick learner and will be able to tackle whatever is thrown at me for the part. So if you need a big guy with a build build and a quick learner ready for anything, I am a great choice for any part needed. It would be a pleasure and honer to be a part of such a amazing franchise. Thanks for reading!

  28. I really think this would be a great opportunity for me being able to come out as an extra in a amazing movie like transformers because it would be something new for me & I would definitely enjoy the new experience. Action movies are my passion, even though I have never had the pleasure to be an extra. Im also part of the agency. I have experienced in some modeling events & it really is an amazing .. feeling. In addition this is why I believe you guys should choose me as an extra for the movie! Thank you! Hope to hear from you all soon!


    Adriana Rivas. (:

  29. My names kyron Kirkendall. I have no acting experience or training. how ever I learn very fast. Especially script’s. I am people friendly and have a very bubbly personality. i have been a fan of the series since the making of the first movie was announced and have been to the theaters faithfully to see every movie. I work well with others and catch on very quickly. I am in complete control of my emotions and my facial expressions. I can make my self cry at will and will do anything that is needed of me to do. I am aware that there are many people who want this job and that you must have hundreds of thousand of people to choose from. I am willing to be an extra if that’s what role is needed to be played. And I am willing to do my own stunts. If you are interested I can be reached at 859-360-3007 or at the website (My Face Book account) I have provided. I really want this job so contact me if you’re interested in me as well. Thank you for your time.

  30. Hello my name is Victoria and I am just looking to be an extra in this film , i have no experience . I am willing to learn easy to train, not looking to be a main star, just looking to an extra and get experience .
    Thank you.
    Hair: Dark brown/ Reddish
    Eyes: Brown
    Age :19
    Location: Riverside

  31. Hi, my name is Daria and I would be very happy to be able to work with you! I’m a dedicated actress and hoping to find some work, big or small. I have experience but not nearly as much as I crave. I would be very honored to be able to be an extra or a small role in Transformers 4; it would be a dream.
    Height: 5’10”
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Tan
    Location: RI, USA
    Build: Full
    Age: 17

  32. hi there, im 20 years old, reside in mchenry, il and am working full time for a manufactuiring company. i just left the army about six months ago, and did a year in. i would love this opportunity to participate in the new upcoming transformers 4 because it will definitely help me in pursuing my dreams of being in the music and performing/entertainment industry. this is my passion, and its what i live for, its my passion. i have a very strong outgoing friendly bubbly personality, and am open for any singing, mdoeling, acting, an extra, etc.. i have many years of music adn theatre backround and i write and sing my own music which i hope to some day become professional. im 5″4, olive skin complextion, hazel eyes, fit, dark brown long hair, and a beatufiul face 🙂 im 100% russion and beautiful. i would be so greatful adn honored to be able to participate in this event. please looka t my facebook link and the pictures 🙂 im highly motiovated and dedicated and feel this would be the perfect start to my life dream and career in the music and entertainment industry. please give me the chance to show you my fulelst potential. i promise you wont regret it!

    Sincerely, kyra l. kick

    p.s. please soemone contact me via phone or email on how to submit an application. id greatly appreciate it.


    thanks and god bless!

  33. Name: Serena Dufour
    Weight: 128 lbs.
    Height: 5 ft. 5
    Build: Athletic (strong legs)
    Location: Salem, Oregon
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American/ Asian/ White

    Dear Director, i am looking for any role, and any part i can find. Im desperate to perform again. I have acting experience with a large handful of plays. I’ve been in pizza ads too! Acting is really my passion and im in my off season. I’ll be willing to do almost anything, just to have the oppurtunity to be involved with one of the biggest movie sequences of all time. Thank you much.

  34. Name: Brandon Ambrose
    Weight: 132 pounds
    Height: 5 ft. 7
    Build: Athletic (a full 6 pack)
    Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
    Age: 20

    Dear casting director, I am very grateful to come across this page. I would be perfect fit to any roll or extra part you have available. I am one of the biggest movie buffs you will ever meet. I perform professional magic (one of the most booked in Knoxville). I have a knack for talent (people tell me). I am usually the life of the party. I will always show up on time, be respectful, and show you that I am a super hard worker. I will make you laugh guaranteed or I will design a t-shirt and wear your logo around all day. I can bring alot of people to the theater. I am a HUGE fan of transformers and I just ask for exposure and experience to participate in the biggest blockbuster and in return I will do anything on time and prompt. I will even perform magic for everyone.

    I have acting experience in several plays and I also have great comedic timing. I look just like robert pattinson (I get called Edward alot). I have been featured on channel 6 for acting with a famous hypnotist.

  35. I’m a beginner , the only time I have been on TV is the Series ” Chicago Fire” Episode: VIRAL , Air Date: 2-20-13 , 5′ 12″ Hispanic Male , Weight: 285 , Black Hair , Brown Eyes, Suit: 54R , Dress Shirt: 18 1/2-Tall , Causal Shirts – 2xl -3xl depending on Brand , Jeans – 42-30 , I do have pictures if needed.

  36. Hello my name is Austin Wells I am African-american and I am a freshman film student at Colombia College Chicago.I feel that being an extra in the beginning of this Transformers 4 reboot would be an amazing fit for me to get myself started in the film industry not only just as an extra but to see how an actual feature film set runs and operates during the filming process.
    Name: Austin Wells
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 133
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Hazel

  37. Ryan Butler
    Age: 20
    Location: Los Angeles, CA & Sacramento, CA
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown

    I am Ryan Butler, African-American/Black, A lot of people have said I look like Diggy Simmons and Lil Twist from YMCMB. I am a pretty decent actor, have been casted as an extra in J.J. Abrams & Steven Spielberg’s “Super 8″ movie.


  38. Age: 18
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 56 kg
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    I’m an italian girl and I have always wanted to become an actress. People tell me I could be an actress because they say I seem like a very famous italian actress called Elisabetta Canalis, Clooney’s ex girlfriend.

  39. My name is Marlyn Mercado
    From:Puerto Rico
    Live in:Orlando Fl
    Bilingual:Spanish and English

    Experience:modeling, runway, tv radio hosting and prints
    Acting experience as an extra “La Esfera de

  40. Name: Raven Dandridge
    Ethnicity: African American/Creole
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 105lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    My name is Raven Dandridge and I would like to be an actress. It would be an amazing experience for me to be behind the scenes and take mental notes of everything going on. I would love to be considered for a part. Thanks!

  41. Let’s be honest – I have no acting experience, unlike others. I’m a Radiation Therapy student in Buffalo, NY trying to get into Grad School to help plan treatment for those who have cancer. I have a slight Transformers obsession, and pretty much everyone who knows me – knows about it. I present case studies, and somehow relate it to Transformers. I carry a lunch box with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on it. I can’t wait until I’m done with school so I can get a Silver Lab and name him Optimus Autobot Prime. I can carry a conversation with just about anyone – but really I’m not looking to break into the acting world or any kind of fame. I really just want to be in a Transformers movie as an extra – doing that, and curing at least one patient of cancer (5 years cancer free) my life would be complete and I could die a happy man. I would be willing to travel the world, on my dime just to be a part of this. So please, if you can squeeze me in to have even the tiniest role to say “I did that,” I would be forever grateful. I guess a good “spec” quality I have is my smile – people have always told me I should model it for Colgate, but school is really the most important thing to me. I feel we should all do what we can for mankind – and I would like to have a hand in helping cure cancer. Anything Transformers role you may have – I’d be forever grateful!!!!

    Kind Regards!!

  42. I always had a thing for wanting to be in movies but never really gave it some thought, so I came across some news that they were coming out with a “Transformer 4” movie & thought to myself to go online & check to see if they had any casting calls, so I figured why not check it out. My aunt always told me I had a nack for acting. I always made people laugh & smile no matter the situation may be. I guess you can say I had it in me all along but never really gave it some thought. I mean I have the looks from what my friends & family say. I’m very athletic & is willing to pretty much try anything.

    Height: 6’2
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown

  43. I have been an extra in “Oz The Great and Powerful” and “Black Sky”. I am twenty-two years old. I have been cast and crew in several smaller productions. I have a degree in digital video production from Macomb Community College and am currently attending The Motion Picture Institute.
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Light brown
    Eyes: Brown

  44. Hi! My name is Karel and I’m 18 years old. I would like to participate in this series because I think I have ability to play any role. Also I have participated as an extra in two movies: Clash of the Titans (2011) and Fast and Furious 6 (2012). if you want to select me for the new season of “Transformers 4”, then here you have my main data :):

    Height: 1.85 cm

    Weight: 68 kg

    Hair: Light brown, curly.

    Eyes : honey.

    I’m thin.

    My body: I think I have a good body, for I exercise 5 times a week.

    I have the ability to play many characters.

    Many people see me as I am a very good person. I’m very quiet and very friendly. 🙂

    Thank you very much!!!!!!

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