Types Of Modeling Jobs

Plenty of people around the world want to become a model, whether they have experience as a child or already have a job in the modeling business. However, many people wonder: What kind of modeling jobs are there? Some people have specific interests and body types that clothing, cosmetics, and advertizement businesses are searching for. So the real question is what type of modeling job is right for you.

Modeling Jobs for Children

Modeling for Children

If you’re the parent of a young child who you believe can be successful in the modeling industry then you have come to the right place. There are a number of companies and independent clients who are offering modeling jobs for children for things such as charity groups, toy ads, and clothing advertisements. We can help your young son or daughter find opportunities in the modeling industry so they can get their career started at an early age!

Fashion Modeling

Fashion Modeling Jobs

The most popular and well-known choice for modeling is fashion modeling, which ranges from magazines and advertizements to runways and photo-shoots! These types of modeling jobs promote famous outfitters, like Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle, and so much more to it’s audience. The designers and makeup artist in this field know just how to make your beauty shine in the spotlight and place you on the spot to being a well known model.
Fitness Modeling

Fitness Modeling

Believe it or not not all modeling jobs are strictly about having beautiful faces, as there are a number of companies who are looking for models with fit and bold bodies as well. There are several popular examples of fitness modeling auditions from top notch companies like Nike and Adidas to other sports stores and advertisements. So if you’re a model that is in amazing physical shape with great complexion you should definitely aim for work in the fitness modeling area of work.
Promotional Modeling

promotional modeling

If you have ever envied the models you see at car shows, Comic Con, or any type of conference then promotional modeling is just the place for you! A promotional model is known to do a good amount of traveling and participates in work that varies from cars to video games, modeling is the most universal when you work on stage in the modeling business. Remember: your time is now!


Plus Size Modeling

Plus Size Modeling

The modeling business is not only built for the tall and slender as modeling jobs range from various body types, even those who are a size 8 or higher! The industry of modeling auditions for plus-size people places a focuses on women with large clothing, some with big hips in mind, and others with the perfect posture. Plus-size modeling doesn’t just focus on large clothing either as accessories and shoes can be sold this way be attending photo shoots and product launches to show just how much you can give to the world of fashion!
Male Modeling

Male Modeling

As much as women usually work as models, male modeling is perfect for guys in shape and looking for open modeling jobs. Any clothing company that offers clothing for men will offer modeling jobs for males to sell their product. You also have businesses who use male models to sell cars, sports equipment, cologne, and so much more. Male models are perfect for any business, and many commercial industries have jobs already open for male models.


Teen Modeling

Teen Modeling

One of the fastest growing industries in the modeling world are the modeling jobs for teenagers which are popping everywhere! Teens 13-18 appear in almost every brand of business, such as insurance, clothing, facial accessories, parks, and so much more. Teen modeling is the perfect place for young models to start for a taste of being a model!


Glamour Modeling
If you like turning guys heads with your looks then glamour modeling perfect for you as you’re able to use your looks and body to help sell products for a company. Glamour modeling is the definition of flirtatious and beauty combined. People who decide to work in this type of modeling cannot be shy of the camera. You and you alone are the star of the show, the gem on the crown, the icing on the cake!


Commercial Modeling
The biggest ranging of all the modeling jobs is commercial modeling! Basically selling a product using modeling, you could be the new model for just about anything if you open yourself up to appearing in commercials. Being a commercial model is just as much fun as being in a movie, if you allow yourself to be free in the modeling business.



  1. I have always wanted to model since i was younger. I how because i have kids and stretch marks, that it won’t affect my chances of success in the modeling field.

  2. Hi, am inquiring about plus size modeling for my age bracket. My best friend says i need to try to get into , this picture is not the best, it was a snapshot at my friends house. Its my before picture cause I am trying to take off some weight.

  3. I think I will be a good can date for the modeling job I am 34 year old man I like to work out at the gym and at home and ride my bike and take walks and is a hard worker and love to meet new people think you.

  4. My name is Brandy and my dream was always to become a model. I am 28 years old and 5″6. Give me a chance and i promise not to disappoint you.

  5. I’m a female with curves and a heart of pure positivity. I’m short but what I lake in height I make up in smiles and happy attitudes. I’ve been trying to get legit modeling shoots that want my creativity. Please help me

  6. I always wanted to be a model every since I was a teenager. I think this is my chance on become something that I always wanted to be.

  7. I completley feel that modeling is my natural talent. Weather its Glamour, Comercial, Promotional, Plus Size – I have confidence that I can fulfill any part. ” You have to become the part in order to achieve it!”

  8. To whom it may Concern:
    First, I would like Thank you for taking the time to read this. Modeling has been a dream for over ten years. Modeling, Fashion, cosmetics, Cosmetology, writing are just a few of my interests. It would be an honor to have a opportunity in any role. I am a determined strong, passionate, independent woman. It would be an honor to work and gain experience in the industry. I hope to hear from you soon..

  9. I have wanted to be a midek my whole life. I had multiple opportunities but just never worked out. i hope i finally get my chance!

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