Verizon Casting Hand Models in New York for Commercial

Verizon casting teams are looking for men and women for a new commercial and ad campaign. Filming will take place on March 29th in a studio in New York City.  Talents will be paid $500 for up to 12 hours.  Specifically, they are looking for hand models for closeup shots of people holding one of the company’s phones.


Verizon is an American company that was founded in the year 2000 in New Jersey.  Since it’s opening, it has over 2,300 locations and operates a national $G LTE network covering 98% of the U.S.  They are known for their reliable speeds, data, and plans while boasting the #1 coverage out of all networks.

Some of their biggest ad campaigns lasted over 10 years with Paul Marcarelli creating an iconic “mascot” for the company as the “Test Man”.  Many might remember the famous line, “Can you hear me now?” spoken by Marcarelli in all types of locations around the U.S.  That simple slogan and ad campaign became recognizable all over the world as Verizon grew in power.  Who knows? Maybe if you model for Verizon you can be the next big thing!


Where: New York City

When: March 29th

What they are looking for: Models with fair skin, no tattoos or scars, females should have nice nails slightly longer than fingertips, male hands masculine but not overly hairy.

Along with compensation for your work, you can use this to add to your unique portfolio.  The modeling industry is highly competitive, but these types of jobs let you build your resume and earn valuable experience.  You will also meet several industry professionals that might recommend you for future projects.  Verizon is a huge company with the potential for you to meet people and establish connections that will boost your career.


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