How to Become a Victoria’s Secret Model

Victoria's Secret ModelsIn the modeling world Victoria Secret is a brand that every up and coming model wants to work for. The thing about Victoria’s Secret that make it such an exceptional modeling job is that they have developed the brand of what they sell around the personality of the person that represents their brand. Not everybody does that, so that is one thing that makes Victoria Secret special because we know have fewer magazines that create a presence for models where you see name and face recognition. During the “Era of Supermodel” we knew models names, we knew who they were and their were personalities. A model wasn’t a blank canvas that nobody knew who she was, that has been distanced from the business a little bit.

However, Victoria’s Secret has marketed themselves in a way that creates an image for a model through the models actual identity. So their models are allowed to have personalities, they want the public to see their story. They market it through their fashion modeling shows and everything about models, the brand and what they sell which has allowed them to create a really fun brand that attracts numerous model searches for jobs with this brand. That is why we hear so many aspiring models as, “How can I become a Victoria Secret Model?”

What Does it Take to Be a Victoria’s Secret Model?

For those who are conducting a model search to be a Victoria’s Secret model you must first be 18 years of age, as they only work with adult women. It’s also important that you be in impeccably great shape, we don’t mean like those who take part in fitness modeling jobs but in good enough shape to make their lingerie and other products more appealing.  This is because they are in such high demand by other models around the world because of their ability to offer lucrative contracts, and due to the fact that they hold photo shoots all throughout the year.

The status of the brand is so elevated that they want models who have fashion images as well. Victoria’s Secret goes way beyond being a lingerie company, it’s a state of mind so what ends up happening is that they have the opportunity of being incredibly picky. They do a lot of media you have to be able to speak about products, you have to be able to sell products. Being a Victoria’s Secret Girl means that you have to be completely immersed in the brand on every single level. That is not as easy as it sounds, it is very demanding. Just the workout routine by itself is demanding, there is this constant need for physical perfection because of what you are selling. It is hard to get, it is not easy.

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  2. I have really been interested in the whole thing of modeling . The traveling and getting ready for photoshoots and the other things . I have wanted to be a model since i was a little girl every time they ever asked what i wanted to be when i grew up that was my answer , (: i cant imagine myself doing anything else . But my mom tells me to stop dreaming and think of a real job it sort of hurts cause most kids want support from their parents to go for your dreams . . . I want to prove her if you work hard for something you could achieve it its not jst a dream to become a model and live my dream its my life . (: But i need help getting there . . . everytime i thought i was close to my goal it turned out they werent a real modeling industry . .

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