We’re the MIllers Castings and Auditions

We're the Millers
We’re the Millers

Get ready for We’re the Millers  new movie by newly engaged Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis. The movie has started shooting and is set to release next year. We’re the Millers is directed by Rawson Thurber (Dodgeball) and it also starts Emma Roberts and Kathryn Hahn.  The comedy will follow a dysfunctional faux-family through a trip across country while Sudeikis’ character smuggles weed into the US from Mexico. The casting directors are now looking for extras and day roles to play in the very funny comedy. They are looking for males and females ages 23 to 34. This would be a great opportunity for anyone that is looking to break into the business.

We’re the Millers centers on a weed dealer  who bans together a lady pretending to be his wife and two kids to pose as an RV road-tripping family so that he can smuggle 1000 pounds of pot across the United States. It sounds like a great story  especially since it sounds like the nightmare of an over-zealous DEA agents.  Will Poulter has just signed on to play the fake son, and we learned that Roberts will play the daughter. The movie is sure to be a hit like Pinaple Express.

There are a few other roles that are still  yet to be cast and this is your opportunity to grab them. If you would like to audition for the parts please apply bellow and leave us a comment on if you think the movie is going to be a success.

Keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times.

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