What you Need to Make it in the Industry

What does it take to your foot in the door with the entertainment industry?

First of allyou will need different marketable materials such as composite cards, headshots, resume, cover letter, professional photos and a portfolio.

A headshot is an actor’s resume. When a client contacts your agent, they breakdown the description of the project, the character, and always what the character looks like! In turn,  your overall look is very important! And the Headshot should represent you the way you look now. For example if the client gives a breakdown and your agency sends your old headshot when you go to the casting they expect you to look exactly like you do in the headshot they received.

Composite cards, short for comp cards, is a models resume. A comp card consist of having one main photo on the front which you want to be professional and the  best photo you have ever taken, because if the client doesn’t like the first photo they might not want to turn it over to the rest to look at the different look that you might be able to pull off. The other side consists of 3-4 other looks. Your measurements and contact information is on the comp card as well. If the client is interested then you will most likely get a call to schedule an audition.

Your resume is what would be printed on the back of the headshot, which will show all the jobs you would have had within the past 5 years. This way the client can see how much experience you have or how long it would take them to train you on the specific role. Cover letters can help you with the casting because they show to the directors that you are prepared, confident, and not trying to waste anyone’s time. It shows them that you are ready and prepared for anything they might throw at you

Professional photos are the most important thing you need to get into the industry. You are always marketed by the way you look, so you always want to look your best.  Because this industry is so competative you always want to use the best options.

  • A high fashion photographer is completely different than a portrait photographer so you don’t want to mix them up.
  • To get your photos done the “right” way you must hire a high fashion photographer, a make-up artist, and a hair stylist.
  • Read up on our previous write ups on meaning of professional photos.
  •  Keep in mind that you are not marketing the clothing; you are marketing yourself so sometimes simple clothing is better.

Be patient and remember that to get into this industry it takes a lot of time and dedication. Don’t ever give up

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